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Women's Reproductive Health

Concept Thinking About Women's Reproductive Health

Health development aims to enhance public health. To achieve a high level of health, the health of women as beneficiaries, family members and health care providers should play a role in the family, so that children grow up healthy as young adults. Therefore women should be given attention because:

1. Women face specific health issues faced by men who are not related to reproductive function

2. Women's health directly affects the health of children conceived and born.

3. Women's health is often overlooked and it is only as an object with the name of "development" such as family planning and population control.

4. Women's reproductive health issues are on the agenda of the International Indonesia agreed to include the results of the Conference on Reproductive Health and Population (Beijing and Cairo).

5. Based on the reasoning above women's health is the most important aspect due to its effect on the health of children. Therefore, the women were given the freedom to determine the most good by him in accordance with their needs in which he himself decides on his own.

Definition of Women's Reproductive Health.

According to the fourth world conference on women in Beijing in 1995 and Koperensi Population and Development in Cairo in 1994 has been agreed regarding the reproductive rights. In this case (Cholil, 1996) concluded that four key points contained in the female reproductive namely:

1. Sexual and reproductive health (reproductive and sexual health)
2. Determination of the decision reproduction (reproductive decision making)
3. Equality of men and women (equality and equity for men and women)
4. Security reproductive and sexual abuse (sexual and reproductive security)

The definition of the meaning of reproductive health that has been accepted internationally as follows: a state of complete physical, mental, social, complete in all matters relating to the system, the functions and processes of reproduction. It also noted that the production rights based on the recognition of human rights for all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing of children, and to determine their child's birth.

Indicators of Women's Reproductive Health Problems.

In terms of reproductive health in more depth, not merely as a clinical sense (of medicine), but also includes the meaning of social (community). The bottom line goal overall health that quality of life is very good. However, social and economic conditions, especially in developing countries that the quality of life and poverty worsened, indirectly also worsen women's reproductive health.

Indicators of women's reproductive health issues in developing countries include:

1. Gender, are the respective roles of men and women by sex according to different cultures. Gender as a social construction affects the level of health, and because of different gender roles in the context of cross-cultural meaning of women's health level also vary.
2. Poverty, among other things resulted:
Inadequate food or food malnutrition
Water supply is lacking, poor sanitation and inadequate housing.
Do not get good service.
3. Education.
Poverty affects a chance to get an education. Opportunity to school is not the same for all but depends on the ability to finance. In this difficult situation the cost is usually boys are preferred because men are regarded as the main breadwinner in the family. In this case not only the effect of poverty indicators but also the influence of gender education. The level of education is affecting the level of health. Educated people generally have a greater understanding of the health problems and prevention. Minimal to have adequate education one can find the hole, taking care of yourself, and take part in decision-making in the family and society.

4. Young Married
In developing countries, including Indonesia, early marriage for women is still a lot going on (usually under the age of 18 years). It is assumed that many cultures are not married at a certain age are considered not sell. There is also because of poverty, parents quickly marry her in order to escape responsibility and handed the child to the woman's husband. This means that young women have a high risk pregnancy at the time of delivery. In addition, the risk of death rates two times greater than women who married in their 20s. Another impact, they dropped out of school, will ultimately depend on the husband both in economic and decision-making.

5. Malnutrition and poor health.
According to the WHO in developing countries is expected to grow 450 million women are not perfect due to malnutrition in childhood, due to poverty. If you were wealthy, culture determines that her husband and son got a portion of the lot and the best and last the mother take rest there. Menstruating women since it would require more nutrition than men to replace the blood that comes out. Substance that is needed is iron that is 3 times greater than the needs of men. In addition, women also need more iodine than men, this deficiency will cause goiter that harm fetal development both physically and mentally. Women are also very susceptible to several diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, because of their work or their bodies are different from men. One situation is vulnerable, a woman's work is always associated with water, such as washing, cooking, and so on. As we all know water is a medium that is quite dangerous in the transmission of bacterial disease.

6. Workloads are heavy.
Women work much longer than men, various studies have been conducted worldwide on average women work three hours longer. As a result, women have little time to rest, more chronic fatigue, stress, and so on. Women's health is not only affected by time.

Quote from LiveScience, mentioned that already found some facts related to the female reproductive tract, including:
1. Rahim is a very elastic organ
A healthy uterus when not in use have a small size, for a length of 3 inches or 7.5 cm with a width of about 2 inches or 5cm. But Rahim will change when entering pregnancy, at 20 weeks gestation age will occur Rahim progress toward the navel. And at age 36 weeks of pregnancy will occur outside edge to the bottom edge Rahim ribs.
2. Vagina has acidic pH
For a normal vaginal pH is acidic enough scale between 4.5 and 7, can be exemplified acid levels were similar to tomatoes or beer. The acidity of the vagina will be maintained by microbes, like lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli in the vagina so that women will dominate the ecosystem. The bacteria have an important role to keep the vagina in order to remain in good health and prevent infection.
3. Hymen or the hymen
At the time of vaginal opening would look small piece of tissue or a hymen. Rupture or tearing of this section may be caused by sexual activity do first or it could be due to other activities, but some are just stretched and not torn.
Conditions imperforate hymen is a condition where there is no hole in the network and these cases are rare, estimated from female births 1 in 2,000 births affected. To solve this problem only required a small incision.
4. The mystery of the existence of the G-spot
The debate had raised regarding the sensitivity of the G-spot (area of ​​the vagina) to erotic stimulation. A surgeon named There Ostrzenski, recently claimed to have found evidence of anatomical G-spot erectile tissues of the rope. But also expressed by other experts, that the G-spot is simply an extension of the internal clitoris.
5. Women who have 2 uterus
A common condition in which a woman is born with a womb or uterus have 2 Didelphys. Normally there should be 2 tubes joined together, these events are formed when the formation of the reproductive system. Symptoms of this condition often does not show up, sometimes there are symptoms such as irregular bleeding or impaired fertility.
6. It is not easy to determine pregnancy
It is not a simple matter to determine whether a person is pregnant or not. By physicians to measure pregnancy from the first day was the completion of the period, but doctors were unable to detect the occurrence of fertilization. If in the uterus wall there is a growing embryo implants, it is certain that a pregnancy.

Source : From Various Sources


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