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Flu and Hard to Sleep? 10 Ways to Conquer It!

 When stricken sore throat, nasal congestion and coughing, of course you want just got into bed and sleep as long as possible, even up to 1-2 weeks. But the symptoms of flu it will not let you rest in peace.

"When you're sick with the flu, the condition will only worsen in the evening. When you lie down, the airways will tend to become filled with mucus," explained Dr. Neil Schachter of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and author of The Good Doctor's Guide to Cold and Flu.

To that end, Dr. Schachter also recommends 10 ways that you can do to be able to sleep soundly without disturbance flu as reported health24, Monday (09/17/2012) following.

1. Tea

Before bed, drink a cup of tea. Drinks are rich in antioxidants called theobromine is a natural cough suppressant and heat will dilute clot mucus clogging the airways.

To help overcome congestion, you can add lemon or honey to relieve throat.

2. Rinse nasal congestion

Clean the mucus that interferes with your breathing nasal rinse regularly. Nose rinse the device can be found in almost any drug store and easy to use. Better yet, if you rinse your nose with a mixture of distilled water and salt. Both can help clear the respiratory tract as well as help keep it moist.

But if you do not feel comfortable with that method, try saline spray for the nose (nasal saline spray). This tool can also help flush your nose so you can breathe easier, he said. Schachter.

3. Gargling with salt water

"If the throat is inflamed because of infection that meets the throat mucus loaded with compounds that cause the appearance of inflammation," said Dr.. Schachter.

Add half a tablespoon of salt in warm water, use water to rinse for 10 seconds and then spit it out. This method can eliminate virus-laden mucus that causes infection and relieve sore throat as well as coughing.

4. Make the bedroom a dark

When the flu, you need to create a healthy environment to get quality sleep. Because the light coming in from outside to "wake up" your brain then try to inhibit the entry of sunlight into your room.

You can do this by hanging dark curtains or wearing sleep mask to cover your eyes. If your alarm clock is light, try also to not overlook your face all night.

5. Cool rooms

When exposed to cold, arrange to keep your room temperature is low. National Sleep Foundatin recommended that the temperature range at 12-24 degrees Celsius. It encourages your body temperature also fell, which in turn makes the brain are in sleep mode (sleep mode).

6. A hot bath

Before you get into bed, gather your energy for a hot shower. After that, the body temperature will decrease and this will help make your brain to fall asleep. Bonus, the steam from the hot water you use will relieve nasal congestion and moisten the nasal passages and throat.

7. Wear socks

Wear a pair of socks before going to bed. According to a study from Switzerland, warm feet will help the body to relax and put you in a sleep mode.

8. Drinking cough and cold medicines

A number of flu-like symptoms such as cough and nasal congestion can make you sleepless nights. Taking medicines cough and colds are sold over the counter will help relieve the symptoms so you can sleep soundly.

9. Elevate the head while sleeping

When you are sick, go to sleep with your head elevated by using extra pillows or sofa cushions. Sleep in these conditions helps relieve sinus pressure and makes it easier to breathe.

10. Calm the mind

Even when you feel tired and not feeling well, sometimes you will also have the burden of additional thoughts that keep you from falling asleep easily. To fix this, try methods such as meditation, writing in a journal or diary, listening to soothing music or read a favorite book.

Source : health.detik.com


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