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Prevent stroke with this fruit

Diligently consume tomatoes, it turns out we can prevent a stroke that could have very fatal, as quoted from the research the researchers in Finland.

The researchers investigated the impact of the chemical elements are colored bright red lycopene in tomatoes, pepper, and watermelon.


Studies involving 1031 correspondent showed that those with the most lycopene in their blood will be more resilient to prevent a stroke.

Meanwhile Stroke Association requested that the results of this study followed by a more detailed study about the effects of lycopene on the prevention of stroke.

According to the study - whose results are published by the BBC - the men who were respondents monitored lycopenenya levels in the blood for 12 years.

The first group are those who lycopenenya low levels. There were 25 cases of stroke in this group of 258.

The second group was a man of high lycopenennya levels, was only 11 people of the 259 respondents who had a stroke.

The researchers also concluded that the consumption of fruits high in lycopene can reduce the risk of stroke by 50 percent.

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6 Health Problems Caused by Lack of Sleep

Dark circles in the eye, nervous, hoarseness, and irritability are some of the effects of sleep time is minimal. Almost most people underestimate the problems arising from lack of sleep.

Difficulty sleeping disorders can experience by anyone. Sleep is a necessity and a signal that the body needs time to rest. By the time you sleep, the whole body is naturally doing repair or regeneration of cells from within. Your body actively produces hormones cortisol during sleep, the hormone that makes you more fresh and free from fatigue when awake tidur.Banyak factors that cause lack of sleep. It could be that you had no sleep because of the rush that requires you to spend the night to complete the task stack

These negative effects of sleep deprivation on health, as reported by

Downhill Endurance Body

As we said in the previous paragraph, sleep is the process of cell regeneration from within. If you lack sleep, your immune system automatically weakened. Your body will be susceptible to even minor viruses, such as colds and coughs. Even if you manage your diet, without offset quality sleep, your immune system will not prime.

Cardiovascular disease

A study in 2010 published in the journal Sleep,
Researchers found participants who slept less than seven hours a night have an increased risk of heart disease. In fact, for women under 60 years of age and sleep five hours or less a night had twice the risk of heart disease.

Researchers from West Virginia University School of Medicine that reviewed data from 30,397 people who participated in the National Health Interview Study in 2005.


According to a study in the journal Diabetes in 2011, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University found that people with type 2 diabetes who sleep less at night have elevated levels of glucose nine percent higher. In fact, insulin levels rise to 30 percent higher, and insulin resistance levels 43 percent higher.
Diabetic patients with insomnia even worse conditions, glucose levels can be 23 percent higher insulin levels 48 percent higher insulin resistance and levels 82 percent higher than people with diabetes who do not have insomnia.

Breast Cancer

Researchers at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Sendai, Japan has been studied almost 24,000 women aged 40-79 years.
Researchers found that women who slept less than six hours a night have an increased risk of breast cancer is 62 percent higher, while those who slept less than nine hours a night had a 28 percent lower risk.
Colon cancer
A study of 1240 people published in 2011, researchers from Case Western University found people who slept less than six hours a night have a 47 percent higher risk of colorectal polyps, which can become cancerous, than those who had at least seven hours of sleep.

Difficult Emotions Unstable And Thinking

Sleep can lower stress levels, many studies prove it. Lack of sleep will make your brain does not get enough rest rations. Your body also experience fatigue because it had no natural recovery that occurs during sleep. This of course will cause you to be depressed due to fatigue. Your emotions become unstable and your concentration will decrease. You will find it hard to think and solve problems, even for the most minor problems though. You may even be easier senile and sloppy due to lack of sleep.

Terrible impact on health will target you if you continue to ignore the quality sleep and lack of sleep. Go to bed when it's time to rest. With a healthy body and get enough rest, you are free to move throughout the day.

This list Cleaner Teeth and Mouth Food

Maintaining oral hygiene is important for overall health. Brushing and flossing alone play sometimes is not enough. For best results you need to consume food products that have the effect of a natural tooth cleaner.

"Foods is not only good for health and dental hygiene, but also the mouth. And we know, oral hygiene affects your overall health," says Dr Karishma Jaradi, dental beauty specialists, quoted by the Times of India.

In addition to carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers, following a number of food also has the effect of maintaining oral hygiene:

1. Apple

Eating apples good for gums and teeth because it has the effect to get rid of the bacteria in the mouth. While reducing the intake of sugar, try changing eating habits unhealthy snack with apples. Guaranteed, this will strengthen the teeth.

2. Orange

Did you know that the chewable vitamin C can lead to loss of tooth enamel? Therefore, multiply the consumption of citrus to increase levels of vitamin C which helps the absorption of iron and promote healthy teeth and gums.

3. Poduk milk

Try the cheese. With a low carbohydrate and high calcium and phosphate, cheese good for dental health. Cheese helps to balance the pH level in the mouth produce saliva, maintain and rebuild tooth enamel, as well as killing the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

Can also yogurt. With a high content of lactic acid, yogurt may protect against tooth decay. Experts believe that the protein terkadung able to fight harmful acids that cause cavities.

4. Celery

Celery produces a lot of saliva, which is useful against bacteria in the mouth. Celery also has a good effect on the gums and help clean up the gap between the teeth.

5. Green bean extract

These food products also have good oral cleaning effect. The content of malic acid, the enzyme is also found in grapes, in which help tackle stubborn stains on teeth. Effectively maintain the brilliant color of your teeth.

Sources: VIVAnews

Underarm Whitening Tips

Black underarm is sometimes causing an uncomfortable feeling to know that underarm whitening tips are very in need by those who have problems of black armpit. Some cause armpit is colored black, genetic, and never use any lotion as bleach. There are many other triggers armpits black, partly oran will certainly feel the armpit of the black condition will interfere when using the type of clothing that reveal skimpy outfits armpit.

Especially when you have to use a T-shirt kind of bra would have been very embarrassed if when lifting arm.
Solutions here are tips whiten underarms with natural ingredients.

1. First, Lemon and Tawas: Cut lemon crosswise and remove seeds. After the bath, rub lemon on the armpit. Then, using a circular motion, rub powdered alum on armpits. Leave.

2.Kedua, Lemon and Honey with Alum: Mix 1 tablespoon lemon liquid and 1 tablespoon honey. Apply mixture to the armpits. Let stay for about 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Do this before the bath. You can also pat on some powdered alum afterward.

3. Take a little lime and whiting. Mix the lime with lemon juice until well blended in a bowl or plate. After that, apply the mixture on your armpit area. Allow approximately 15 minutes. We recommend that you use after a shower and use regularly for 1 week.

4. Prepare lemon and cucumber, then squeeze a lemon and take the juice. Grate the cucumber then capurkan lemon juice with grated cucumber and stir well. Add grated turmeric into it. Once well blended Dab on your armpits for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water

5. Take not too ripe papaya (mengkal) and parutlah until smooth. Place the grated papaya on your armpits every shower and let a few seconds, then rinse with clean water. The nature and content of substances in papaya is a unique natural bleach.

If you are a busy person does not have much time, the easiest way is to whiten black underarm whitening underarm deodorant use. Choose a deodorant that does not contain alcohol and is made from natural ingredients. Whiten black underarm is not equal to whiten skin.

Your underarm skin color to return to normal with treatments such as bleaching, but to maintain it, you have to eliminate all the other factors that cause the skin to become darker. If you are deodorants cause skin irritation, immediately dispose of the deodorant in the trash now.
Peeling Underarm just one treatment done by a dermatologist. A peeling solution is used to remove the outer layer of skin. After peeling done, you have to use the drug when applied to the underarm bleaching every night in rumah.semoga underarm whitening tips above you can try and get the results as expected.

Healthy Diet Food Menu

With so many diet menus and recipe books available, it is hard to decide which diet that works for you.
When choosing a diet, you have to make a choice on a healthy diet, vitamin, and low calorie. Here are some tips on choosing a diet menu.
Features Menu Food Diet
Your diet should include food menu is perfect from every aspect. This means that all the nutrients should be balanced, such as the presence of minerals, proteins, vitamins adequate, and iron. If you eat about 1,500 calories a day, then create a daily menu plan that includes 1 1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables, then add the low-fat dairy and nuts as a supporter.

Type of Food Diet

When dieting, your body needs to have the right mix of nutrients to maintain the condition and fitness. When planning your diet, you should prepare more meals at home, instead of buying a full menu of healthy diet food from a restaurant or grocery store. The variety of food is indeed designed for nutritional diet but probably not as good as you prepare yourself.

Sample Menu Food Diet

In the morning you can use whole wheat bread with a little cheese on top and an apple which is the right food for a healthy start to your day. For lunch, maybe you could try chopped vegetables dipped in tomato sauce, quinoa salad and a small orange. Dinner can be served with a simple spicy grilled chicken breast, and accompanied by mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. When you decide to eat meat, remember that it is only as a flavor enhancer rather than as a main meal.

Discipline With Food Diet

Stay away while the favorite foods that contain lots of fat and high cholesterol levels because you're trying to lose weight. Instead, learn how to make healthy food delicious nan substitute that reduces fat and calories.
Losing weight is very beneficial for your health, and learn to make some diet food menu itself is a good step for tercipatanya consistency in diet.
That many tips in determining diet menu. Hopefully useful.


Want your baby very well at school? Note their nutritional needs. Ten types of food follows (Brain Food) is believed to stimulate the growth of brain cells, improve function, improve memory and concentration of children's thinking.

1. Salmon
The salmon fishing is a source of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA-are both essential for the growth and development of brain function.
which contain choline (assisting the development of memory).

2. Peanut butter
Groundnut (peanut) and peanut butter is a good source of vitamin E. This vitamin helps the brain and nervous system in use glucose for energy needs.

3. Whole grains
Whole grains have the ability to support the needs of the body's glucose preparations that are constant. Fiber in wheat, pelepasam can help regulate glucose in the body, but it also contains B vitamins to maintain healthy functioning of the nervous system.

4.Oat or oatmeal
Cereals can menyedia, the energy for the brain a much needed children in the morning. Oatmeal is rich in vitamin E, B, potassium and zinc which makes the body and brain function to function at full capacity.

5. Berry
Strawberry, cherry, blueberry, and blackberry. In general, the stronger the color, the more nutrients. Fruits are rich in high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C. Seeds of berries rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Nuts
These foods have the energy derived from protein and complex karbohohidrat. It is also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Red beans and pinto beans contain more omega-3 fatty acids compared to other nuts.

7. Colored Vegetable
Tomatoes, red sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, spinach are vegetables that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that make brain cells strong and healthy.

8. Milk and yogurt
Contains high protein and B vitamins, which are essential for the growth of brain tissue, neurotransmitters and enzymes ..

9. Eggs
Eggs are an important source of protein known as a relatively inexpensive and quite affordable. Part yolk will turn out solid content of choline, a substance that may help with memory or memory. The content of choline in one large egg is 126 mg. Compare with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contains only 20 mg and 300 grams of beef contains 66 mg of choline degan. Needs of children in choline 200-375 mg per day.

10. Lean beef
Contain iron. With mengkonsumsi1 ounces / day, the body will be helped in penyeraban iron from other sources. Besides beef also contains zinc which can maintain memory.
Who does not love a baby? As long as he could, wanting to fulfill it?? Well, at least we have brains equip them with intelligence. We hope, with the intelligence they were able to face the challenges of life in his time.


before you decide to fence off your teeth (attach meaning stirrup) that may as well just to keep up the trend so as not outdated, you should need to know in advance what it is and the benefits of installing stirrup stirrup for your teeth so as not to cry alias regret because it was already installed . Braces or a foreign language is also called "dental braces" or "orthodontic braces" (hard to Dech if the call via the mouth) is a tool used in the field of dentistry to correct an irregular arrangement of teeth. that can be fixed by the alias stirrup braces on the teeth which is located not in place, overlapping, gaps between the teeth, or it is too forward or backward. Currently there are 2 kinds of famous stirrup, the wire fixed (permanent) or not sharks loch wire retainer (removable), which both have the title of a very famous as goods EXPENSIVE.

stirrup types that are popular are the wire fixed the price is quite varied according to the needs of consumers, want to know the price?? ranging from 3 million to 20 million-an (busettt).
Indeed sich each fixed wire systems have their respective advantages in the design, as well as forms that are now beginning to be directed to the aesthetics of the mouth, there is made of porcelain, platinum, etc., as well as the type of wire pullers are used, varying the prices vary each product. However variatifnya stirrup product is now beginning to shift from a therapeutic tool to trend like fashion accessories. Until sometime main function itself which is a therapeutic tool for smoothing the tooth structure is not good oblivion, into a tooth jewelry is attached. It seems the producers stirrup or braces are also keen to read the market, they began releasing products stirrup that varied and diverse, from the unique transparent porcelain wire, to platinum colorful elastic, and it became a distinct trend in the size of the wearer.

Before you install the stirrup should read the following tips:

Wear Since Needs
This is very important if you want to wear stirrup sure that your gear is damaged. Do not just because you want to follow the trend or style you wear bandwagon for wearing stirrup was not as easy as it looks. People are allowed to wear are those that have teeth that are located not in place, stacked and crammed jejal so lack of space, grow too sparse that there are gaps between the teeth, or it is too forward or backward. Since the function is smoothed gear stirrup.

Doctors Special
Only a dentist can be certain that the pair stirrup orthodonti specialists. So do not arbitrarily go to the dentist, make sure he is an expert.

Type stirrup / Braces
There are different types of stirrup is made of metal, clear / transparent color like the color of the teeth. To clear, can be made of composite material, porcelain, or plastic. Or there is the stirrup with rubber holder / rubber binder bracket (attached to the gear box) is most preferred by young people because of the rubber pads can be colorful.

Stages of Use
Before wearing stirrup there are several steps that must be done ie, mold making dental models, shooting gear, merontgen teeth, head, and face of the patient as a whole. This is all that is absolutely perfect care and not arbitrary as it is when applied stirrup face so changed. Usually teeth accumulate piles occurs because small jaw so his teeth should be reduced some.

Effects stirrup
At least some of the effects when wearing stirrup ie, pain when first using the stirrup. Cavities and tartar will quickly occur due to not brushing teeth brushing and oral hygiene. Not to mention the effect on jariangan soft, especially on the lips and cheeks gums more easily arise gingivitis and canker sores.

Mandatory Do
There are several things that must be done when you use the stirrup, diligently clean your teeth every meal, always provide toothpicks. And do not forget to bring a toothbrush to clean the remnants of food stuck in the bracket. Use the special toothbrush or toothbrush orthodonti care of children, a hair brush gently so as not to damage the bracket. Control gear according to the schedule doctor. Small slices all the food intake and chew slowly. When using elastic rubber or head gear, install according to the instructions your dentist.

It Prohibited
Trying to remove or adjust the braces have been installed because it can alter the composition has been determined. Eating chewing gum, hard candy, tough meat, chips, crackers harsh. Mengutakatik own bracket or loose wire piercing teeth. This is very dangerous for penangulangannya contact your doctor. "

Here FAQ Standards of the stirrup User CANDIDATE ...
A: Age Minimum Wearing stirrup???
Q: In general, the minimum age for use of stirrup is 12 years old. One reason is because at this age, a teenage baby teeth already dated all.
A: Pain Pake stirrup???
Q: At the beginning and Control Initial use will be sick ...
because rubber stirrup Put pressure on Dental ...

Dental Care Tips wear stirrup

Many say Attach stirrup can make thin, lazy meals, frequent mouth sores. Actually his suffering only the first 2 weeks anyway krn ga mouth used to a foreign object in our teeth, so it can develop ulcers. But it can be circumvented with ortho wax (in the form of wax to cover the sharp). When thrush thrush medication should also be prepared as kenalog albothyl or evening wear. But now there really spruce up the latest gear technology that does not make thrush, as usual stirrup use the Invisalign.

For the problem of lazy eating it because at the moment it feels certainly aching tooth pulled if biting something, especially in awal2 control.

Let us durable stirrup avoid hard foods such as nuts, raw carrots, stone, wood loh ya loh one hehehe .. If eating well should be cut first, do not cut our teeth wear stirrup because we can escape prematurely. Why the hell bother very well, the stirrup can not be used again if uda uda removed because there is glue, so it should be replaced. Sometimes there are good doctors who ga charge an additional fee to copotnya stirrup, but there is also a charge hefty fees .. Pity.

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Side Effects Wear Braces Or stirrup

Braces or often called stirrup is already familiar among the people, who memfunyai function for after finish his teeth had not neatly be neat to a specific period.

In Indonesia, the use of braces began in 1980 and the increasingly popular idea in the early 2000s to the present. but in practice the installation of braces or stirrup is very dangerous if not done by the specialists but furthermore gigi.Untuk builders please see the side effects of braces or stirrup.

Use Side Effects stirrup

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Wire attached to the teeth often collide and can cause small sores on the lips and the inside of your cheek, Well, when you engage in sexual activities such as oral sex or even kissing, small cuts in your mouth will provide the entrance to the disease, including hepatitis and HIV, enters your bloodstream.

2. Allergy
Metal braces contain a variety of metals, including nickel, copper and chromium. Approximately 30 percent of orthodontic patients of all orthodontic patients allergic to other metals which can cause ear pain and congestion.

In addition, patients who did not have allergies before they wear braces potentially developing allergies after they use it. Fortunately, allergies to nickel, copper and cadmium were generally mild and easily treated by changing the type of metal used in braces.

3. Tartar
Since the area under and around the metal brackets and wires that are difficult to clean, the leftovers can be trapped in areas difficult to reach toothbrush, which leads to the buildup plek.

This results in people with metal braces can be high risk for tooth decay and gum disease. To avoid this problem, you must use a special brush to clean your teeth.

And that's some of the side effects wear braces so make you use stirrup if your teeth are not neat, tidy but do not already wear stirrup just to join the trend only. may be useful.

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