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benefits of water therapy for health

The human body consists of 75% water. That means the water becomes a very important element for the body. For example, according to the study, 75% of the brain, 82% of the blood, 75% of heart disease, 86% of lung and 86% of the kidney composed of the element of water. Lack of water can lead to dehydration adversely affects the performance of the body's organs.

Quickly forgotten, difficulty concentrating and quickly became tired of the lack of evidence of water intake in the body. Then, of course, is very important for you to listen to the following description in order to understand how important the role of water in our body.

White Water Content

Water is the primary fluid to meet the fluid intake is required and suitable for the body. Water is also believed to cure diseases and inhibit entry into the body. In relation to water properties to heal, we would like to introduce to you an alternative therapy treatment water.

Previously we'll explain in advance about the content contained in the water. According to the Ministry of Health, a qualified water for consumption must meet the following requirements

- Odorless
- Colorless
- No taste
- Does not contain harmful organisms
- Does not contain heavy metals

The content contained in the element of water H2O. In addition there is a chemical element Ferrum, Mercury, Aluminum.
To determine whether the water consumption qualify for the government to provide mineral water purity gauges.

This tool is called a TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solid Meter), is useful for measuring total solids contained in the liquid.
Following the distribution of water according to the total category of substances contained in it, ie;

  • > 100 ppm: no drinking water
  • 10-100 ppm: drinking water
  • 1-10 ppm: pure water
  • 0 ppm: organic water

Units used are ppm (parts per million) or parts per million.

How to Apply White Water Therapy

To take full advantage of the properties of water, here we describe how you can apply this water therapy.

1. Water therapy for beauty treatments
By consuming 8 glasses of water a day and of course keeping clean is believed to increase the beauty of the skin and face. This action will keep your skin moist not dry and make skin glow.

2. Water therapy to reduce obesity / diet
White water helped to lose weight. After waking up before eating you can drink warm water. It can make you feel full. Moreover the water contains no calories, sugar, or fat.

3. Water therapy for health
By consuming 8-10 glasses of water a day will help your body to produce blood and stimulates the production of immune bodies. How did that happen? Drinking water consumed to purify the body and makes the colon work more effectively. If the bowel clean, nutritional food that we consume every day will be absorbed and converted into new blood. Efficacy of water to health include:
a. Maintaining Body Balance
b. Helps control Calories
c. Help generate muscle
d. Maintain kidney function
e. Maintain bowel function

By applying the methods of water treatment, the body will work a maximum and the cells remain in the body to regenerate properly. However, despite this water therapy well and regularly, sometimes we still have a lot of disease problems.

It could all happen because of the weather, the climate does not support and activities plus the excess and carefree.
For that you can also try herbal remedies Noni Juice to support this water therapy. Noni juice has been proven to treat hypertension, heart and digestive problems.

For those who have problems with obesity, water therapy will also be supported by Noni juice is herbal medicine. In addition to reducing obesity, this herb is also effective for treating various types of cancer and tumors.

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