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Resultant Diseases Often Bring Mobile to Bedside

Mobile or cell phone has become an integral part of the modern lifestyle, as to when this thing sleep is always taken. It seems trivial, but it brings the phone when sleep has an impact on health.

The main problem will arise when someone sleeps with the phone in light conditions is sleep disturbance. Starting from a sleep that is not restful, various diseases and health problems could arise later.

Some of the health problems that can be experienced due to this carry cell phones to bed as follows, as quoted by LiveScience and MSNBC, Sunday (09/30/2012).

1. Lack of sleep
A study at Stony Brook University revealed that 70 percent of teens in the United States slept keep the phone and put it near the bed. As a result, the quality of sleep is reduced because often wake up in the night just to read incoming SMS.

The impact of poor sleep quality is very broad, including the decline in academic performance and overall health. Various studies have shown that poor sleep quality makes people prone to obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

2. Sleep texting
Sleep health experts in the United States, Dr. Marcus Schmidt says 4 of 5 teens always carry a cell phone while sleeping and only 1 out of 10 teens who actually turn off his cell phone when sleeping. Because sleeping so soundly, so the teens prone to sleep texting or send SMS while sleeping.

Sleep texting is in a category of sleep disorders such as walking during sleep (sleep walking), delirium (sleep talking) or having sex while asleep (seksomnia). These disorders are also at the same time is one of the symptoms of technology addiction.

3. Mental Disorders
Reduced sleep quality because the phone does not turn off during sleep also affect mental health. A study in Japan mengungap, adolescents who slept with the phone are more prone to suicidal tendencies.

It is not known for sure do, but lack of sleep can lead to depression which was one of the originators meruapakan suicidal tendencies. Moreover, because the research done in Japan, because of cultural factors also influence the suicide rate in this country is very high.

Dr David Cunnington said that placing the phone next to the pillow or bedside table you still make it difficult to get quality sleep. Therefore, when the phone is in range, you feel the need to reply to the SMS, phone and e-mail messages even though it was late.

"The main point is that people need to appreciate the time sleeping, and tried to turn off the (cell phone) at night," advises Cunnington.

Source : health.detik.com


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