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4 Ingredients Chocolate Good for Beauty

Almost everyone loves a delicious chocolate flavor. Not only delicious to indulge tongue, chocolate is also rich in apparently good for the skin.

Chocolate consists of various types. There is milk chocolate, white chocolate, until the original chocolate, known as dark chocolate, which is the best chocolate because it has not had a lot of mixture and process. This type of chocolate to save a lot of benefits for skin beauty.

The content of flavonoids have a natural function as a protective skin from the sun. Researchers from Heinrich Heine University, Germany, found flavonoids in dark chocolate can dispel bad benefits of UV light and circulation of blood flow to the skin. As a result the skin becomes more moist and glowing.

To obtain the best flavanoid content, you should choose chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa content. High cocoa content commonly found in the original chocolate or cocoa powder. Still, do not forget about the protection of the skin from the outside. Also use sunscreen for maximum results against the harmful effects of sunlight.

Original brown beans known as a high source of antioxidants - 100 grams of cocoa containing at least 10,000 mg of antioxidants that are good for the body.

Antioxidants are useful to block free radicals that can damage the elasticity and collagen production in the skin. The study, published in the "Journal of Nutrition" reveals women given drinks of cocoa for 12 weeks showed a quite noticeable improvement in the texture and appearance of skin.

This is because the content of antioxidants that can help prevent wrinkles and make skin color more evenly. Antioxidants in cocoa can help prevent wrinkles, make the skin brighter, improving moisture and maintain skin elasticity.

However, this effect would be difficult to obtain if the consumption of chocolate along with milk or eating chocolate that has been mixed with milk (milk chocolate). Researchers from the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research in Rome, Italy, Mauro Serafini, PhD says, "the presence of milk can interfere with the absorption of antioxidants in chocolate".

Vitamins and minerals
In the delicious chocolate also contains vitamin B, zinc, calcium, potassium, and magnesium are beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Various vitamin and mineral content can serve as a natural moisturizer that softens the skin. Ingredients found in chocolate can also help reduce stress. When the body is stressed, the production of collagen distracted so easily cause wrinkles and make skin dull.

Oil cocoa
Fats are found in the oil of the cacao or cocoa butter is commonly referred to as linoleic acid. Unsaturated fatty acids are helpful to help remove fine lines on the skin, disguising wrinkles and scars.

Because of that cocoa butter is often used as an ingredient in body lotion because the texture is easily absorbed by the skin. In addition, cocoa butter is also high in vitamin E which is useful to help the regeneration and repair of skin cells.

We have had many beauty centers that provide skin care with ingredients of chocolate. Not a few are also beauty products using chocolate as the main ingredient. Product or treatment could be an option for those who want to benefit from the brown external use on the skin.

Making chocolate mask can be done at home. For those of you who want to try using chocolate for your face, can try the following ways:

Dark chocolate (high cocoa content), white powder milk (full cream), salt

How to make:
1. Melt the chocolate
2. Mix all ingredients in chocolate that has been melted and stir
3. Cool to room temperature
4. Apply on face for 15-30 minutes

Milk and salt can also be replaced with butter, sugar and honey if you want moist and antiseptic effect on the face.

Original chocolate consumption can also be done on a regular basis to benefit from the experience. Make sure you only eat one small piece of chocolate every day original or one glass of chocolate drink. However, chocolate contains calories high enough so it is not good consumed in excess.


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