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What causes a cough, how to prevent and overcome

What are the Causes of a cough?

Cough that interferes with the activity and health of one's body is generally caused by an infection in the respiratory tract that is part of the symptoms of flu and colds or upper respiratory infections (ARI). In addition, there are several causes that make a person cough.
Among other allergies, asthma and tuberculosis, sinusitis, foreign bodies into the airways (such as dust, smoke, liquid, and food), lung infections such as pneumonia and acute bronchitis, and diseases such as lung damage and emphysema chronic bronchitis.

Excessive phlegm production for respiratory tract infections, choking from drinking milk, inhaling cigarette smoke from people around, exposed to air pollution, and also the cause of psychogenic cough cough. Psychogenic cough is caused by a lot of emotional and psychological problems. Suppose frustration, irritability, frequent visits to the doctor, and sleep disorders.

How to prevent and treat a cough?

In the rainy season, cold weather or a person's immune system decline, cough usually easy to attack. When you are hit by a cough, was frustrating. Moreover, the coughing often relapse while sleeping at night. If it is so, in addition to taking medicine, cough sufferers advised rest. Rest and adequate sleep is proven to be effective against coughs and colleagues: flu and fever.
In addition, here are some tips to prevent and relieve cough:
- Use candy lozenges to relieve a dry cough and itchy.
- Drink lots of water to dilute the phlegm, so it can be removed.
- Should not smoke or be around smokers.
- Steam bath can help relieve dry cough, because the steam will increase humidity in the respiratory tract. Breathe the steam from a hot shower running or from a pot of boiling water. Humidity will relieve breathing hot air and reduce sinus inflammation and irritation in the throat and lungs. A few drops of eucalyptus oil will help with the process
- If the cough is caused by allergies air, then go into the house, close the doors and windows. Use water con-ditioner (AC) if possible, do not use a fan that draws air into the outer. Shower and change clothes after from the outside.
- If the cough is coming from other allergies, try to keep the source of allergies
- Drink hot tea, hot ginger and honey that has efficacy to reduce and suppress cough, phlegm break, opening and loosening the airway in the throat and nasal relief. Honey is high antibiotic. Some studies suggest, honey reduce reactions and effectively suppress cough cough at night.
- Stop eating fried foods, chips, and candy. This will help reduce the itching in the throat, especially if you suffer from a dry cough. As tinya ¬ gan, select candy taste spicy, because it effectively softens the throat.
- If you need to use a scarf cover the neck, and place the boiling water bottle wrapped in a cloth in the neck. How often do traditional Javanese society helps relieve throat.
- Raise your head while sleeping. This position will make the nose and sinuses and drying up the better, and do not trigger feelings of "tickle" in the throat.
- Do not choose a stopping cough expectorant. This type of cough medicines suppress the symptoms and do not stop the real problem. If you have a cough with mucus phlegm, you may want to remove phlegm from the path ¬ barely breathing you, not even pressed and in ¬ stop. Try some recipes knowl ¬ natural expectorant outcomes, such as eating spicy fresh chillies, peppers, or other spicy foods. Everything will help remove phlegm you
- Clean the nose for nasal discharge
- If your cough lasts more than 3 (three) days or any other symptoms in the sputum, the glass of ¬ ralah see a doctor to find out for sure and get further treatment. Your doctor may do a chest X-ray, sputum, telescoped (fiberoptic bronchoscopy), or CT scan (high resolution computed to-mography).

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