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Mistakes Often Do When Drinking Drugs

Recent research states that most people take prescription drugs without reading the warning labels on the drug packaging. Errors in medication should be avoided to make treatment more effective and safer.

Here are 3 of the most common medication errors person does when taking the drug, as reported by prevention, Wednesday (11/07/2012), among others:

1. The dose is too much

The most frequent mistake is to take the medication dosage that is too much. This does not make you recover faster but it will lead to other severe health problems. Even the use of medications such as Tylenol can cause organ damage.

2. Drinking alcohol after taking medication

Drinking alcoholic beverages shortly after taking the drug is very dangerous because it can be mixed in the digestive system. Even certain antibiotics are mixed with alcohol can cause headaches, nausea and heart beat faster.

3. Skipping doses

If the doctor says to take medication three times a day, then obey the rules and do not miss a dose. Too little medication dosage can reduce the effectiveness of the drug. In addition, if you miss a dose of antibiotics, can make the bacteria and viruses that cause disease become resistant.

Here are some things you need to consider when taking the drug to avoid medication errors such as:

1. Schedule a regular time each day to take medication, especially if the medication you take more than one type.

2. Learn bold words contained in drug labels carefully. It usually contains important information that you need.

3. Keep prescription medications you take. It is useful for you and your doctor to track the consumption of drugs previously used if you have a history of certain diseases.

Here are some things to consider in taking medication:

A. Period Drink

Here it mean when sick and had to take medication three times a day it should not take the medicine at will. We often drink if remember it, or drink it is not clear when and like to forget. Mean 3 x 1 tablet a day meant to take his medication once every 8 hours, 2 x 1 tablet if it means 12 hours at a time. Because in one day was 24 hours so divided the number of times drinking. So even if we take the medicine three times a day but it is not appropriate periods or even stretch it levels the medicine will not be effective.

B. Before or After Eating meals

"It may be taken anytime" But on the other hand people are wondering, what is the drug is safe to drink without eating beforehand. Would not this will affect the stomach and thousands of other questions that arise minds about the possible interaction between drugs and food.

Many people think that an important remedy I have a drink it was not that simple. Some drugs there are absorbsinya good if your stomach is empty or filled stomach.

Actually how food can affect the action of drugs? The drug will be administered orally through the digestive tract first. Therefore, the work of the drug in the human body could have been influenced by the food or drink is consumed. The mechanism may occur through inhibition of absorption of the drug or by affecting the enzyme activity in the gastrointestinal tract or liver enzymes.

There are two possible outcomes of drug and food interactions. The first food and drug interactions may reduce or even eliminate benefits or medicinal benefits and the latter can increase the side effects or the effects of the drug itself.

We recommend that you carefully read the manufacturer's instructions, if you say drunk before meals, it means take medicine on an empty stomach (1/2 to 1 hour before eating). Conversely, if a written drunk after meals, when stomach filled with meaning drunk food (finish eating until ½ hour after meals) and there are more drugs taken during meals.

C. The right dose

That is according the recommended dose, eg if the drug can be in the form of the solution (syrup) in order to drink a teaspoon teaspoon means not existing in our homes. Common small spoon in Indonesia is only about 3ml, while the dose that is right for one teaspoon is 5 mL. Usually the drug is no spoon syrup medicine (tsp) which is equal to 1 tsp 5 mL.

For large spoon (tablespoon) in our house probably only about 7 mL, while the right dosage to one tablespoon is 15 mL.

So if the drug is not given the right dose (according to) the administered dose was also not appropriate, it could be less or excessive doses that will ultimately prove fatal.

Source : From Various Sources


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