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Natural Acne Medication

Depilatory skin disease is actually quite used atauapun fruits vegetables that contain vitamin C

Fruits vit c can be used as a traditional medicine to treat acne!!! This is due to the face that have acne skin pH is generally tongue. Thus causing bacteria P. Acne will breed craze.
To eliminate the alkaline pH can be acidic fruits and vegetables using the contain Vit C. Be fruits and vegetables vitamin c can be traditional and natural medicine.

 Vitamin C and phytochemicals, including antioxidants contained in fruit. Antioxidants can destroy evil substance in the body called free radicals.

You can also use natural remedies as follows:

How to-1
Take 2-3 leaves petai china and knead with a little water and then wipe the acne or the face that all over your face until blended, set aside for about 10 minutes and wash with cold water.
petai china

How to-2
The trick is quite simple, you do not need to spend a lot of money to treat your acne, simply boiled water betel leaf + .. then water for washing your face as often as possible ..

How to-3
Take 2-3 papaya leaves are old and basking.
Papaya mash and given water and then squeezed the juice to be taken.
Apply the juice of the papaya leaves on the acne.
papaya leaves

How to-4
Wash the radishes taste, then puree radish and take the water.
Add a little apple cider vinegar and mix until blended.
Apply it on acne, let stand until dry.
Once dry, wash with water.
Perform routine to overcome acne.

radishes taste

do regularly and routinely, remember natural medicine will not cure as fast as chemical processing but the results are more severe and more natural.

There is nothing wrong, you try to use natural ingredients to treat acne on the face. For example, using a mask of honey and lemon juice. In honey, there is a useful antiseptic substances to kill bacteria on the face can cause acne increasingly inflamed. Meanwhile, lemon juice can reduce the oil on the face so as to prevent dirt sticking to the face.

Here are the steps to create a mask of orange juice:
Take the lemon and squeeze the water as much as 1 teaspoon.
Mix the lemon juice with 1 teaspoon was honey.
Apply on face and leave on for 30 minutes.
Rinse with cold water.
Hopefully, by using it on a regular basis, acne can go away from your face.


  1. Some of the common foods are used to make natural remedies for Acne Treatment are: cinnamon, honey, lemon, milk, and oatmeal. Lemon, milk, and honey just about all work in a comparable way but they tend to be for different types associated with skin. Milk is with regard to extremely important for delicate skin, honey is with regard to dry skin and lemon is for oily pores and skin. Their foremost purpose would be to draw oil out of the acne so that your natural healing can occur. These foods are usually friendly to your pores and skin but the lemons may have a harsh reaction. If you're unable to handle the actual acid nature of the actual lemons oranges will be enough as a substitute.

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