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Overcoming Dental Pain In Traditional

Overcoming traditional toothache cure is certainly an endeavor that cost is minimal and of course also the risk was minimal if done correctly.

Toothache, anyone would be sad if one day suffer. The advent can sometimes suddenly, especially if the pain persist for days. Eat and sleep seemed uncomfortable. Withstand tremendous pain. And I'm sure most of you will be embracing the expression "better than toothache pain" hehe ...

Before I discuss the traditional recipe to overcome a toothache, it is worthwhile to discuss in advance about what causes toothache? By knowing what causes it then we will be more vigilant and take proper care to prevent it.

In general there are 4 things that cause tooth pain, namely:

1. Dental Caries
Caries is the collective name for tooth decay in enamel, cementum, and dentine (the substance in the middle between the crown and roots). Cavities usually caused by certain bacteria for producing lactic acid from fermented carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose. So do not forget to brush your teeth regularly 2 times a day I'll not be a nest of bacteria that cause cavities. If tooth decay already then it should be treated immediately patched to the doctor to let me not get worse and cause recurrent toothache.

2. Loose teeth
Many of the causes why teeth become loose, such as gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis), collision accidents, and others that cause tooth pain while chewing food. If the pain is because of this that should get immediate care dentist. Your doctor will know better how the solution will be taken after the first check either directly or based on x-ray.

3. Erosion of gums
If your gums erode over time will expose the roots to become sensitive to food / beverage hot, cold and acid. There are several things that can cause it such as brushing your teeth too hard or because you suffer from gum disease. If the cause because the toothbrush that you use are too harsh or abusive manner you rub the toothbrush should be replaced with a soft bristled brush and change the way of brushing your teeth softer. If the cause is due to gum disease, you should immediately receive dental care.

4. Root canal infection
Infected root canal can be very painful with pain that spreads to other areas of the face and skull. Root canal infection can make the dead tooth should be removed. Maintaining your dead tooth means you have to bear the risk of recurrent toothache and also the risk of subsequent infection that can trigger a variety of other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, rheumatism, diabetes and even abnormalities in the brain.

If one day you are not yet mmeiliki time or cost to go to the dentist when suffering from a toothache, maybe some of these traditional medicines could be a temporary remedy to relieve your toothache pain.

Still, the best solution is to immediately see a doctor. Traditional medication following tooth can only relieve or cure a toothache temporarily not cure it permanently.

1. Clove oil
The trick is to apply clove oil to the tooth cavities because it has the benefit of clove oil antiseptic to kill germs.

2. Garlic
Siapaka.n a clove of garlic and then puree with a little salt, and stick it on the sore spot.

3. Avocado
Prepare the avocado seed tumbuklah until smooth and then sprinkle on the area of ​​pain.

4. Shallots
Prepare onion then blend it and then stick it on the sore tooth.

5. Pepper / Pepper
Take 1 teaspoon of pepper powder and mix it with salt. Insert the mixture into a tooth ache or cavities. This herb is also a good remedy toothache and effective way to treat toothache.

6. Peppermint
Take 5 grams of peppermint and boil it in a cup of water with a little salt. You can drink this decoction 2 times a day. It is a good remedy for treating toothache. You can also use a mouthwash containing extracts of peppermint.

7. Asafetida
Asafetida is a pain killer outstanding. Take 1/2 tbsp asafetida and mix it with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. It is an effective remedy for toothache.

8. Treating Toothache with Spinach
Take some fresh leaves of spinach and chew. It helps to make gums strong because it is a natural remedy for toothache.

9. Treating Toothache with Cucumber
Cucumber is the best way to relieve toothache. Take a slice of cucumber and sliced. Enter cucumber potongon gets tooth ache. It also gives effect to relieve toothache. This is one of the best natural remedy for toothache.

10. Treating Toothache with Ice Cubes
Ice has some numbing properties. Take an ice cube and rub it on the sore area for a few minutes. The pain will be reduced due to the excellent in suppressing pain at nerve endings. It is very helpful treatment for toothache. You can also chew ice cubes on the side of the mouth of the sick.

Things to avoid
Sugar intake should be limited because it can have an impact on the dental infection. Snack intake is often harmful to the health of the teeth, and therefore should be avoided.

That was a few ways to treat your illness and all use natural material that is easy to find. May be useful

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