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Knowing Causes and how to Overcome Snoring

Snoring or snoring is caused by vibrating sound when we are in a state of sleep. The sound is usually characterized by a fairly loud noise coming from the mouth and nose.

The sound of snoring is caused by narrowing of the airways so that the soft tissue of the palate near the throat to vibrate. Although people with high-risk overweight snore their weight. Find out the cause of this habit and how to handle it appropriately. but in fact, almost everyone regardless snoring

There are 3 types of snoring that endangers the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) syndroma, central sleep apnea (CSA), and sleep related hypoventilation (SRH). Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common syndroma, less than 2 percent of women and 4 percent of men aged 30 -60 years and 20-50 per cent rise in the elderly. In Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) syndroma, without the knowledge and beyond our awareness (because she was sleeping soundly), airway completely blocked so that we can not breathe. Somewhat later then start breathing again with a jerk and a very loud sound (usually until you awake). Incidents like this can happen several hundred times a night, will lower blood oxygen levels to below normal so that makes your heart work harder which could invite cardiovascular problems.

Complaints are often experienced is the person who snores is to feel excessive daytime sleepiness (hypersomnia) when not doing activities that involve physical. Another complaint of them is easy to forget and hard to concentrate properly. In the long run people will be susceptible to dangerous diseases such as hypertension, stroke, and heart. This is because the heart and brain, they will experience fatigue and easily damaged by frequent forced to work hard. Sleep becomes empurna that always comes drowsiness and excessive tiredness during the day


Sleep Position
Sleep on your back is one of the causes of snoring. When sleeping on your back, the position of the mouth open and the tongue will tend to be pushed into the throat that can cause a blockage of the airway and causing snoring.

Smoking Habits
In addition unhealthy for lung health and your heart, smoking can also cause snoring. Smoking can lead to inflammation of the throat and respiratory tract. Inflammation is what can ultimately lead to snoring during sleep.

Disorders of the Nose
Some people snore because they have allergies, weather changes, or when they have a sinus infection. Nasal deformities such as a deviated septum or nasal polyps can also cause snoring.

Excess Weight Loss
People with excess weight will usually have a larger throat tissues as well. Enlargement of the throat can cause constriction of the airways and cause snoring.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by reduced even cessation of breathing during sleep. The period of apnea can occur 10 seconds or more. This can lead to cessation of air flow contributed to the decline of oxygen in the blood of 4%, thus directly causing a reduction in the transfer of oxygen into the blood.

How to Overcome Sleep Snoring
Here are some effective ways to overcome the habit of snoring, namely:
1. The first thing you need to do is to change your sleeping position. sleeping on his side will help you reduce snoring. Stop smoking and consuming alcohol.
2. Reduce excess weight by diet and exercise routine 3-5 times a week.
3. Breathe the steam before bed. Nasal congestion can cause snoring. One way around that is inhaled deeply water vapor through the nose before bed. You can also put a towel that has been soaked in warm water and inhale the steam to remove mucus causes nasal congestion.
4. Avoid alcohol and sedatives. Whatever type of sedatives such as sleeping pills or low dose alcohol can cause snoring, because it tends to suppress breathing. Therefore, stop the habit of using tranquilizers.
5. Consult with your doctor if your snoring habits associated with a particular disease or not.

Well, if you have the habit of snoring, immediately overcome with a few tips on top. May be useful!

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