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Vulnerable people has cavities

Cavities is a problem experienced by most people. But there are some people who are known to be susceptible to cavities than others.

Estimated that about 97 percent of people in the world have experienced tooth decay. Tooth decay is usually caused by demineralization of teeth by acids. When the pH in the oral cavity is less than 5.5, then the demineralization of tooth enamel began to happen.

High levels of demineralization which will affect the tooth enamel and root, this condition will trigger the development of cavities. Other factors that affect the concentration of fluoride ions is and saliva production.

Several things can cause a person more susceptible to cavities than others, as quoted from Buzzle, Saturday (13/8/2011), namely:

1. Tooth structure
In general, dental morphology everyone equally. But sometimes the individual has distinctive morphological differences, such as having a tooth structure makes difficult to remove plaque thereby increasing the likelihood of cavities.

2. Habit of eating sweet foods
Cavities, largely due to acid attack. Bacteria in the oral cavity is very dependent on sugar as an energy source. When the sugar is broken down so it forms lactic acid that plays a role in the process of demineralization of tooth enamel, so people who like sweet foods more susceptible to cavities.

3. Oral hygiene and bad teeth
Oral and dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly can prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity, thereby reducing the formation of holes or cavities.

4. Have a little saliva
Amount of saliva that is secreted in the mouth of the factors controlling the formation of a hole. People with the amount of saliva has a bit more prone to cavities, because saliva can be a natural source of cleaning germs and acids in the mouth. Besides saliva viscosity also plays a role, if the saliva is very thick it can not clear the bacteria in dental cavities optimally.

5. Presence of certain bacteria
Not all bacteria can cause cavities, but generally bacteria that produce lactic acid can lead to cavities. Hence the strain of bacteria that occupy an important role in addition to dental plaque.

6. Pregnant women
Some studies show pregnant women more susceptible to tooth decay because the amount of saliva decreases during pregnancy. The amount of saliva secreted is not sufficient to protect teeth against bacteria and acid attacks.


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