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5 Bad Habits Destroyer Beauty Facial

If you do not want to lose the beauty of the face, do not do customs below!

1. Sleep With Makeup

Returning home in an exhausted body is the most fun if returned to sleep. But if you often sleep with makeup still on your face, you should refrain from this practice. The face is covered in makeup during sleep are more likely irritate the skin and make skin dull when you wake up the next morning.

2. Using Expired Cosmetics

Usually, we are very calculating when should throw many cosmetics and look good, especially if it is costly. "Ah never mind wear, still looks good anyway .." Do not be fooled by the cosmetic appearance of fine. Using cosmetics that have expired can make skin irritation worse.

3. Remove Oil Face With Powder

The face looks greasy usually treated by rubbing powder. This habit is not really good, because the powder is applied will mix with oil and dirt that can clog pores. The results .. faces easier breakouts, blackheads and irritation. If you want to eliminate excess facial oil, use waxed paper.

4. Too Spirit Wear When Scrub

Peeling or use facial scrub is one way to maintain healthy skin. But be careful, if you wear scrubs too tight and excited, you might injure the skin surface. Habits that will lift the protective layer of skin and makes the face more prone to acne, oily and irritation.

5. Or Brush Sponge Wearing Dirty

Cosmetic brushes and sponges should be washed regularly, because the tools are used every day and bring a lot of dirt. Do not get dirt on the sponge or brush move on your face. Once a week, soak the sponges and brushes in a container of warm water that has been mixed with soap facial cleanser. Let stand 10 minutes rub gently, rinse with water and pat dry.


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