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Accompanied sleep Gentle Music Can Boost Brain Memory

Having tired of the myriad of day-to-day activities of the body require rest. Sleep is the main option for it. But, do you know if it was accompanied by music can improve brain memory?

Accompanied sleep Gentle Music Can Boost Brain Memory

A study has been published online in the Cell Press journal Neuron, found that by playing soft music and the swing will increase the memory in the brain. This suggests a simple and non-invasive brain activity that affects humans when sleeping.

As quoted from the Times of India, Friday (04/12/2013) Dr Jan Born of the University of Tubingen, Germany, said that this was a low intensity auditory stimulation.

"This is the beauty of simplicity applies to the auditory stimulation when compared with low-intensity electrical stimulation. And it illustrates the simplicity of the tools used in the clinical environment that can be used to increase the rhythm of sleep," said Dr. January

Dr Jan and his colleagues conduct these tests, involving 11 people on a different night. Later research conducted while participants were given sound stimuli or artificial stimuli.

When the volunteers were given sound stimulus is stimulated properly, then their brain oscillations begin to adjust to the rhythm. As a result, they become better at recalling words that they have learned previously.

However, if the stimulation provided does not fit, then it will not be effective. In this study also revealed that stimulation can also be used to improve the quality of sleep.

Well, you can try to install a piano or guitar musical instruments to improve the quality of sleep. By having quality sleep, you undoubtedly have good productivity.


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