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Beware Symptoms of Parkinson's

PARKINSON including one of the diseases that may not be so well known in the ears of the people. In fact, the disease is already quite a lot of cases found in the country and know the early symptoms of this disease will help carry out early treatment.

Normally, these nerve cells make an important chemical called dopamine. Dopamine sends signals to the part of your brain that controls movement. It lets your muscles move smoothly and do what they want to do.

Brain mechanisms that do not run on someone who has Parkinson's. There is damage to nerve cells because they do not have enough dopamine, so that sufferers have trouble moving as desired.

Parkinson's is a degenerative disease that one is gradual. This disease is generally diagnosed when a person aged 50 to 60 years.

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disease caused by the death of the cell. People who suffer from Parkinson's typically have symptoms of slowing seoperti all motor movements, rigidity (stiff joints), and appears tremor (shaking).

"The movement is so slow, easy fatigue, impaired balance, emerging anxiety to depression.'s Are some common symptoms of Parkinson's," said dr. Nari Diatri Lastri, Sp.S (K), the Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Association of Physician Neurologist Indonesia (PERDOSSI) in the World Parkinson's Day event in Jakarta.

The emergence of these symptoms are associated with cell death in the brain that serves as a producer of dopamine, which is a compound that regulates the actions and emotional responses. When these cells die, dopamine compounds will be reduced. In effect, the brain is not functioning nerves to send messages to the spinal cord that control the muscles of the body work.

Nari Diatri also explained there is the most common symptom which can be determined whether or not a person with Parkinson's. The following symptoms are more easily remembered by TRAP.

Tremors or shaking are common, usually affects the fingers, thumbs, hands, and arms, and can affect other body parts. Tremor of Parkinson most noticeable when persons are berisitirahat.

When in a state of anxiety or emotional, tremors will appear. A person with Parkinson's will usually have difficulty tying shoes, buttoning a shirt, it is difficult to write.

Is the stiffness in some parts of the body, such as legs, arms, or torso. Not only that, also experience muscle tension, tend to not be swinging arm with harmony.

Commonly known as bradykinesia. This is a movement slowing or potentially the loss of body movement. Fewer facial expressions such as smile, furrowed from, as well as flashing so less frequently. Would even have difficulty swallowing and increased the amount of saliva production.

Postural instability
Body imbalance when mobilizing movement, especially when walking running. In this case the tendency to fall increases.

The symptoms may change even worsen over time, depending on the conditions (drug delivery) persons. Speed ​​worsening symptoms varies per person. This is because Parkinson's is a disease that takes years before the symptoms get worse and affect the life.

"Parkinson's symptoms will arise when brain damage has sixty percent of the dopamine levels slightly.'s Because five to seven years earlier, the brain began to malfunction. Therefore clear Parkinson unknown cause," said dr. Banon Sukoandri, Neurologist and Chairman of Parkinson Care Foundation Indonesia (YPPI).

Music Therapy

Banon said that people with Parkinson's should always pay attention to the importance of maintaining motor skills in order to keep functioning. "It takes an art to train and care for persons, such as making crafts, writing, and drawing. Way develop it by listening to the music," Banon said when met at the Energy Cafe, Jakarta.

According to the type of rhythmic music can help with to stimulate sensory from outside. Thus, the motion will be governed by the rhythm of the music. In some countries, given music therapy while drawing.

"Patients will be asked to close your eyes while listening to music at a leisurely pace. Then while listening to the rhythm, hand directed to the rhythm of the draw," said Banon.


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