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Recognize Early Symptoms Tongue Cancer like Thrush

For those of you who suffer from canker sores but do not go away for two weeks, be vigilant. Who knows you tongue cancer. Initial symptoms are similar to canker sores. There is a wound on the tongue. If not immediately treated, death can threaten.
Prof. Dr. dr. I.B.Tjakra Wibawa Manuaba, M.P.H., Sp. B (K) Onk said tongue cancer early symptoms are similar to canker sores. However, the difference, when there is palpable hardening tongue around the wound. While canker sores, wounds were soft. In thrush, sores where to move, whereas in cancer, injury to the same place and never healed. The longer the wound continues to expand. Eventually there was a lump hardens like cauliflower. Cancer is more common in adults.
The tongue is part of the oral cavity, so there is also mention of oral cancer that can affect the tongue, palate, gums, cheeks, floor of the mouth, teeth in the back room. All early symptoms such as thrush. Then the wound was hardening.
This Sanglah oncologists say, the cause of oral cancer in general due to smoke, drink alcohol, oral hygiene is not maintained, and the people who wear dentures are not good. There is a section of false teeth or gums oral piercing and cause injuries and chronic infections.

According to him, if the cancer is found early tongue or on a low stage, with the correct and proper operation and performed oncologist can usually be cured. "There is rarely tongue cancer deaths that have been found in the early stages," he said.
Unfortunately, the doctor's Prima Medika Hospital, tongue cancer is found in the acute stage inoperable again. There are other medications such as chemotherapy and radiation but the result is still not as good as surgery. Consequently, tongue swelling, can not eat and drink, incredible pain. Patients will die horribly. "His death was not due to the cancer cells spread everywhere but themselves tongue swells causing the patient can not eat," he explained.
For primary prevention, with routine oral health care, diligent brushing and regular dental check their teeth, mouth sores and oral cancer can be prevented.

Diligent Toothbrush
Sprue disease often called mild disease. In fact, often, people treat it as lazy over time will disappear naturally. Although said to be mild, thrush so disturbing when eating. Lips feel sore, bad food, even feverish body. In medical terms, is called thrush inflammation or injury in the mucosa (soft areas in the oral cavity) as a surface in the lips, the cheeks, gums, tongue, and the palate.

According to drg. Nyoman Suardiasa thrush can be a little wound up with a larger diameter. He says there are many trigger canker sores, trauma or injury from being bitten, or ill-fitting dentures. Triggers other food allergies such as food flavoring and allergy drug use gear. Hormone imbalances can affect such disruption before menstruation. In fact, stress can be a trigger.

Buff and cat doves said, some people even silence thrush, and will heal itself. However, the recovery time will be long. For the treatment of canker sores, doctors usually prescribe an ointment that could be applied in the sprue. Rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash is also quite help speed healing and reduce pain. "Function Mouthwash to kill germs in the mouth. If sariawannya let alone weight loss fever may need antibiotics, "he said. He also recommends drinking enough water, taking vitamin C, and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. By maintaining diligent oral hygiene and brushing your teeth twice a day and after meals, thrush can be avoided. "Do not forget to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits," advises dentists Pop Medica Clinic

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