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Types Sports To Quick Heal Colds

  When sick, the body asked the resting phase so that the energy can be focused in addressing the problem. But if you just have a cold, sore throat, and sneezing (no fever or fever accompanied by body), you can still exercise. Basically, exercise helps boost the immune system, which can help you recover more quickly. Condition, do light exercises that are not too memforsir body. This is an example:

* Yoga. Choose a light yoga movements and slowly, not Vinyasa Yoga are quite fast and flowing so it becomes like a dance. A relatively gentle yoga will help stretch the body and release tension, so that makes you more relaxed. Yoga sequences that are recovery will also make you heal faster.

* Swim. Of course, you do not have to swim with a rush from one end to the other. Swim slowly, do not be provoked by the actions of other swimmers who seemed eager to reach the finish. Soft and flowing movements that will make the body fit, but it will not be too heavy.

* Jogging. Avoid jogging on the highway, due to air pollution will only make your condition worse. Jogging alone in the stadium, or in the jogging track in a residential complex surrounded by trees so you can breathe fresh air. Then when you get sick, practice with the intensity of 50 percent of your normal strength. If you usually jog for an hour, cut to 30 minutes. That way, you will not exert too.

* Elliptical machine. It's to become a member of your gym. Select the elliptical machine that can move their arms, legs and body. Adjust the intensity of the light, so you can still burn calories, stretch your lungs, so you can breathe more comfortably. Do it for 35 minutes to burn about 150 calories.


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