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Tips For Blackheads Not Potentially Infectious

Do not underestimate the blackheads that appear on your face. If the skin properly, can be resolved even prevent blackheads on the face. With proper skin care, blackheads resolved and you are protected from infection can cause more severe acne conditions.

Dermatologist, Dr. Tina Ward Wisesa SpKK, said a prominent black blackheads on the face and often disturbing appearance, as dangerous as white blackheads often invisible but dirt is stored deeper.

"Blackheads are pimples in large quantities that also need proper care," said Dr. Tina at Media Workshopbersama Papulex at Madeleine Bistro, Kemang, Jakarta.

According to Dr. Tina, basic skin care, such as cleaning, moisturize, and protect with sunscreen can also prevent problems resolve blackheads. In addition, regular facials can also be overcome or prevent blackheads.

"Black open Blackheads can be treated with regular facial cleansing. Blackheads white with cream or facialrutin help," he advised.

For facials for oily skin should be done regularly every two weeks. While dry skin tends to do facial per three weeks or once a month. With this simple treatment, blackheads disappear and you can prevent from potential infections that cause acne at a later stage.

"If there is going to be a blackhead acne further, especially after starting to blush because of infection. Continuous treatment, and early blackheads can overcome this problem," he concluded.

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