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How to Select Cuts and Hair Styles According to Face Shape

Choose a hairstyle based on your face shape is something we have to consider if you want to look elegant.
Besides face shape, hair type and the type must also be taken seriously.

Face shape and hair type, combined with the right will produce styles and hair look more perfect.

To see the pieces and hairstyles based on the shape of your face, here are some ways that may help you in choosing a suitable haircut, among others:

Cuts and Hair Styles For Oval Faces

The oval face shape very well with the shape and style of any good hair haircut that long nor short. Avoid pieces are thick and long bangs in the area of ​​the face because it will reduce your face.

Cuts and Hair Styles For Round Face

Round face hairstyles that fit more in the top of the head, combing hair towards the side of the face is also very suitable. Hairstyle thick at the top and decorated with side bangs pretty well bida selected. This combination can be paired with a short haircut on the chin and a bit more length below the chin.
Avoid hair styles with small mengikalkan your hair. In addition the model also avoid thick bangs that cover the forehead and bangs split the middle. Trim your hair chin right on the limit.

Cuts and Hair Styles for Square Face

Square face shape is well matched to the short or medium haircut that falls above or below the jaw. Using asymmetrical hair style and cut hair with a round shape that is thicker at the top of the head is also in accordance with a square face shape. In addition, you can also try a short hair style wavy or medium.
Avoid long hairstyle in vise. Cut the hair just above the jaw with extra thick bangs that cover the forehead.

Cuts and Hair Styles for Heart Shaped Faces

Perfect heart-shaped face with a hairstyle that attaches to the side of the face on the over the ear and a hairstyle that is thicker in the lower limit of the ear.
Short hairstyles chin-length bob or a shaggy style, using soft bangs that seem to cover the broad forehead can also be a good alternative. Try also the hair style with layers combed forward and the thin bangs.
Do not let your hair is too thick at the top of the head and avoid the fringe meets the forehead, back comb the hair with a slick style of back.

Cuts and Hair Styles For A Long Face

For those of you who have a long face shape will be an excellent fit with the style thicken hair on both sides of the face by adding bangs open with thin strokes or even sideways. Avoid straight and flat hair style or hair cut too short because it will look mismatched with you.


Following the development of the modern hair style is certainly very good, but you would definitely have their own hair style accordingly. Choose cuts and hairstyles by face shape that can support your appearance.

Sources: doktercantik.com


  1. I still don't know exactly what my face shape is. I've been told it's oval, but it looks more round to me, especially now that I've gained some weight since high school. I've tried a few different cuts and I now know that I can go too short! I usually just let my hair stylist have free reign to make me look good with some pointers on how I want it to look in the end. http://www.acutaboveak.com/services

  2. I totally agree that we should consider the face shape before going for any type of haircut. I am not that lucky so I use the clip in human hair extensions and I am very satisfied with them. Even I choose the hair extensions style according to my face.

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