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How to Eliminate Foot Odor

Eliminates unpleasant foot odor is one of the obligation for those of you affected by this problem.
Because regular foot odor is making people who are around do not feel comfortable.
Smelly feet often attacked for those who work in an office, or school children who use the shoes.

There are some surefire ways to get rid of smelly feet, which you should try:

Because the foot odor is caused by bacteria that eat the sweat, the main way to reduce odor.
1. First, wash your feet with soap and warm water twice a day, then dry until completely dry.
2. Second, use socks with comfortable material and good circulation to the feet not damp. Avoid using nylon socks.
3. Third, wear sandals that open the front when the weather is hot. When at home, try barefoot.
4. Fourth, check the possibility of fungal infection between the toes and the bottom of the foot. When you see any redness or dry skin, use products for foot care or can also consult a doctor will even health workers.
5. Fifth, do not use the same shoes two days in a row. We recommend using different shoes two days in a row. This will give time for the shoes to dry within 24 hours.

If the shoe Odor:

1. Keep shoes in a cool place overnight while covered with newspapers until Rapet. The paper will absorb existing odors in shoes.
2. Using coffee wrapped in a tissue, pack coffee in the insert into the shoe, or using silica gel inserted into the shoe.
3. Using baking soda, Dry the first shoe to be cleaned. Take two 2 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of baking soda to one shoe. The amount of baking soda with customized shoe size, then sprinkle baking soda into shoes and leave it for one night. The next day, the best way to clean or remove the traces of baking soda is attached to the shoe by vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner). If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can also slapped the shoes with one shoe to another. Having largely disappeared from the surface of the baking soda and the shoes, now the last stage is the cleaning shoe on the sidelines with an old toothbrush.
4. To prevent the shoe is not easy to smell, do not ever wear shoes when feet are wet. It can cause bacteria to grow and eventually your shoes to smell. For double defense, use specific drugs such as spray perfume or deodorant foot spray on the inside of your shoes. After that do not directly used, soon to dry winds.
5. If the shoes wetted by rain water, immediately dry with a few sheets of paper entering into it to absorb water. Use shoe tree to keep the shoes shape and the edges are not curved. Enter shoes in cloth bag, shoe box or plastic bag and store in a dry place. Do not store shoes near a heat source so that the skin does not dry out.

From some way to eliminate smelly feet above certainly very easy for you to understand it, now you just do and get back your feet do not smell. If indeed you've tried all of the above, but have not managed to try to contact a doctor sometimes smelly feet is often the case, although it can also be a sign of a health problem.
Eliminate foot odor is not easy but you have to try so you can totally eliminate your foot odor forever.


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