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How to Prevent and Eliminate Blackheads Naturally

Blackheads by the term is divided into two blackhead blackheads blackhead and whitehead. Blackhead blackheads also known as open comedones, blackheads will look like pores are enlarged and colored black. While blackheads whiteheads, called closed comedones, blackheads are usually grown above types of pores are clogged so it looks like a tiny white bumps under the skin surface.

With the presence of both blackheads blackhead blackheads and whiteheads are barangtentu would be a common problem for prioritizing performance especially for a public figure who often appeared in public. Not easy to get rid of blackheads and even for those who do not have much money to spend a few are willing to buy the drugs they also perform medical treatment abroad to all.

Here's How to Remove Blackheads Natural and Scientific

1. Avoid using creamy cosmetics and oils that can increase the chances of blackheads.

2. Give your facial steam at least once a week. Put your face on the mangguk boiling water so water vapor touches the skin. To get maximum steam, cover your head with a towel. Then, use a mixture of honey and sugar for scrubbing. This method will remove blackheads as well as soften your skin.

3. Exfoliation is an important step to eliminate dead skin cells. It helps get rid of dead skin pile up on the skin pores causing blackheads and pimples.

4. For owners of oily skin, try using a mask made from clay in order to reduce the oil in the skin. Choose a mask that does not contain mint, peppermint or other irritating ingredients cause. Better to use a material that does not contain an added fragrance.

5. Make an exterminator mask blackheads by mixing lime juice, almond oil and glycerin. Apply on face for a few minutes. It will not only help reduce blackheads, but also get rid of black spots acne scars on the face.

6. Moisten face with a warm wet cloth pressed every night for 15 minutes. It will lift dead skin cells, dirt, and other particles clog pores. After use, boil the cloth in boiling water to kill germs and bacteria.

7. Warm a little honey and apply on the face of blackheads. Wash your face after 10 minutes. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer as well as remove blackheads.

Method - the method above when done consistently will certainly give satisfactory results, do not ever try to squeeze and remove blackheads with nails. Instead of getting the results of the cleaning step removes blackheads or pimples, that there could be injured skin and irritated to allow entry of bacteria in the skin so use an effective way to eliminate blackheads.

So is there any other product that could mislead blackheads?

Well here is an example of similar products or cosmetics that cause the occurrence of blackheads include cleansing milk, sunscreen, foundation, pressed powder, ginseng shampoo and conditioner. You should know that, pressed powder is a product that contains the highest comedogenic substances. In the use of compact powder too long not only cause blackheads, but also cause acne

So what foods should be avoided to prevent blackheads?

Avoid eating chocolate, milk chocolate, durian, peanuts, eggs, nuts, cheese, avocado, ripe mangos, shellfish, cream powder, all types of milk (full cream, low or non fat), fried, coconut milk, and fatty meats .
Prompts thing to do is to implement a healthy lifestyle is also concerned enough balanced nutrition intake. Perform enough sleep and rest, avoid stress as well.

In addition to the above cara2 Here's how to remove blackheads using natural materials more:

1. Remove blackheads egg white.
How do I make it? take a fresh egg and break it took the whites only, then mix terrsebut egg whites and add 1 teaspoon of honey. How its use spread to the face and let it dry for 20-30 minutes, then wash face with warm water. Useful measures to reduce the appearance of blackheads and help prevent new blackheads diwajah you.

2. Remove blackheads with Aloe vera.
How to make it break the stem and rub aloe vera mucus into the area blackheads. The function of the skin Aloe vera can also accelerate the healing process of the skin, including skin that komedoan. As a result, the skin will become more fresh and smooth without any blackheads again.

3. Remove blackheads kitchen salt.
How do I make use of table salt to remove blackheads? The following steps once a day wash your face with warm water that has been mixed salt. So what is the function of salt for blackheads, salt will certainly will reduce excess oil on the face, that salt will help remove blackheads if you routinely do that consistently.

4. White water remove blackheads.
The benefits of water are remarkable in addition to very good for metabolism system organs like the kidneys, then to drink lots of water will help cleanse the digestive system that makes the skin smooth and radiant.

5. Remove blackheads with ice cubes.
How to remove blackheads using ice is fairly easy to do, step rubbed ice cubes diarea blackheads face roughly around 10 minutes. Benefits ice cubes will make the skin pores become smaller until blackheads are not easy to penetrate.

6. Remove blackheads with lime.
Orange juice turns out to have a function as well as the tremendous benefits in addition to cure coughs, eliminating fat and fat due to the fishy smell can also be used as an exterminator blackheads. So how? to remove blackheads using lime you need to do is mix it with almond oil and glycerin, Make hahan As with the mask, then apply on the affected facial blackheads for a few minutes. Well in addition to the benefits of this herb helps reduce blackheads will also get rid of acne scars, if your acne before.

7. Remove blackheads with honey.
Honey is very effective in the treatment process at all, so many benefits of honey for the treatment scientifically proven to cure diseases including sharing as well as blackheads. So how do I treat blackheads using media this honey?
Here's how, warm little honey and apply on the face of blackheads. Then wash your face after 10 minutes. Honey in the treatment of blackheads act as a natural moisturizer as well as remove blackheads on the face.

In addition to the above the most important ways in the treatment of blackheads is to correct facial skin care is to wash your face every day using a mild soap or facial scrub to aid removal of excessive sebum and dead skin cells causes the blackheads. An important step that you should avoid is the use of make-up of oil-based materials used for this type of make-up can enhance oil in the follicle.

Patience is the key to a natural healing process, because in order to get the most need and takes up to a few weeks, do not forget accompanied by prayer, because the efficacy of prayer would be more effective than the treatments we have sampailan above. Thank you hopefully useful.


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