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How to Deal With Broken Leg-Break

cracked feet? Oppss ..... No ..... The fear that he actually ilfil aka ilang feeling. Appearances already ok, but legs like coconut, so not confident it ........? Besides not pretty, cracked feet can cause discomfort, maybe even hurt.
Issues surrounding this leg is often we experience. And causes chapped feet there are several factors, including: the weather can change dramatically due to or affected by the lack of suitable detergent when we wash clothes because the content of soda in excess detergent can cause skin to lose moisture and cause foot leg skin becomes very dry and finally cracked. Age and hormonal disorders can also be a trigger. Increasing age makes our body condition deteriorated, including the legs, so prone to various problems. It could also be due to a deficiency of vitamin that works to rejuvenate the skin. Or often run in a dry and rugged with not using footwear.
The real problem cracked feet problem considered classic because every woman has the same risk, and it depends on how we take care of him. Spend about 20-30 minutes, soak feet in a container of warm water that has been added a few drops of disinfectant low-yield soda or table salt. The function of salt here shown to soften the dead skin cells making it easier on the skin of the foot when the problem was about to be rubbed or brushed.
Rub using a pumice stone or foot smoothing tools are usually sold in beauty stores. This tool is able to exfoliate the skin dry. It is advisable to use every night to clean feet foot lotion containing emollient, or aloe vera which is soothing and moisturizing. At night is the perfect time to treat the skin because that's when your metabolism is being repair and rebuild cells that have been damaged. Avoid barefoot in damp or muddy feet and try not in direct contact with the floor that can cause dry skin.

To cope with broken legs broken There are several ways you can do:

  • Increase the consumption of water and fruit

Cracked dry feet and cracked one of the reasons is the lack of water consumption so that the legs lose a lot of fluids to keep kelambapannya. Can also be added to the consumption of fruits that contain lots of water

  • Conduct regular foot care

Soak feet into a container of warm water that has been added a few drops of disinfectant. Rub your fingers and toes with a soft brush, to the heel of broken broke Brush using a pumice stone or foot smoothing tool.

  • Use special care Cream broken leg broken

Additionally There are several traditional medicines without us knowing it is all around us proved to be overcome cracked feet are among others:

1. Garlic
Rub garlic that has been finely broken leg. More effective when used at night after the move. As it turns out, according to research, garlic has the ability to enhance the rejuvenation process of the skin and removes dead skin cells.
2. Hazelnut
Take a taste and then roasted pecans until the color turns black and mash until smooth. Soak feet in warm water then dry and apply a lift that had been burned pecans and finely ground last for approximately 10 minutes. Then wash and dry cracked feet earlier.
3. Papaya latex
Halve a papaya papaya latex and wait it out. Rub a piece of papaya on the broken part and do regularly up until the problem is reduced.
4. Apple
Take the grated apple and mash until smooth. Spread apples that have been crushed on cracked feet. Let stand for 15 minutes, wash feet with warm water and dry with a towel to dry.

Forget, wear shoes made of soft leather or fabric that allows the foot to breathe still. Try not to use closed shoes all the time. Occasionally remove the shoes to the air exchange. Select the shoe model open, legs covered during the day will also bring pleasant aroma.
Hope it can help so that we are free from the problems we face, and we may present our confidence again shouted "Goodbye cracked feet .....!!"


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