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The Secret Beyond Fingerprint

Fingerprints are personal identification that can not be there like it. If the world's 6 billion people alive, then there are 6 billion fingerprint patterns that exist and have not found someone who has the same fingerprint with others. Because of its uniqueness, the fingerprints used by police in the investigation of a criminal case (forensic). So in the event of a crime, crime scene will diclear up and forbidden for anyone to enter because of fear it would damage the criminal fingerprint that may be left on the existing evidence at the scene.

There are three types of fingerprints of Whorl (circle), Loop (hook) and Arch (arc). The properties or characteristics possessed by fingerprints is parennial nature of strokes on fingerprints attached to human life, immutability which means that fingerprints person will never change unless a condition is serious accidents thus changing the fingerprint pattern existing finger and individuality, which means the uniqueness of fingerprints is an originality that can not be equal owners with anyone on this earth once in a identical twin.

The science of fingerprints is dactyloscopy derived from the Greek meaning dactylos fingers or fingers and scopein line, which means observing.

Uniquely, the fingerprints can also be used as a guide to identify how a person's potential, so we can know the actual or potential talent so we can accommodate our potential for the type of jobs are best suited to our talents are. Method of identification can be done by naked eye with the person expert in his field, or some are using a special tool fingerprint reader (finger print reader) connected to a computer which then analyzes specific bersoftware based on the points is the reference. As for who can be identified is about a person's control logic, reflexes and brain development. About the form and the fingerprint pattern consisting of three types above have distinctive characteristics, namely:

  • Whorl (circle) is the principal form of fingerprints, has two deltas and at least one circular line in the pattern area, walk in front of the delta. This type consists of Plain Whorl Whorl, Central Pocket Whorl loop, double loop and Accidental Whorl Whorl.
  • Loop is the principal form in which prints one or more lines coming from one side of the painting, ramp, touching or crossing an imaginary line drawn between the delta and the core, stop or inclined towards the side of the original stop.
  • Arch is the principal form of fingerprints that all the lines coming from one side of the painting, flow or tend to flow to the other side of the painting, with a bumpy ride in the middle.

Introduction Fingerprint Test

FT (fingerprint test) aka fingerprint reading test is a method based on dermatoglyphic, science hundreds of years old. FT is the genetic blueprint.

Dermatoglyphic from the Greek, derma means skin and carved glyphs that are science-based theory of epidermal or skill ridge (lines on the surface of the skin, fingers, palms, feet up). Dermatoglyphic have a strong science base for research supported since 300 years ago.

The researchers found the epidermal ridge has a relationship with the scientific nature of the genetic code of the brain cells and the potential of one's intelligence. The study begins by Govard Bidloo in 1685. Then, successively conducted by Marcello Malpighi (1686), JCA Mayer (1788), John E. Purkinje (1823), Dr. Henry Faulds (1880), Francis Galton (1892), Harris Hawthorne Wilder (1897) and Noel Jaquin (1958).

Beryl B. Hutchinson in 1967 wrote a book called Your Life in Your Hands, a book about hand analysis. Finally, the results of research Beverly C. Jaegers (1974), the fingerprint is reflected in the characteristics and psychology of a person. Their results have been demonstrated in the field of anthropology and health.
Fingerprint Test Phase

To check your intelligence through fingerprints, palm originally photographed with a camera that is connected on the monitor screen. Furthermore, the ten fingers scanned on an instrument resembling a computer mouse. The way is by putting the tip of each finger in turn. At that moment, the tenth of your fingerprint has been recorded in a computer. Later, an FT analysts will analyze it.

The results of a detailed analysis can only be given 5 days later, waiting for the results of laboratory analysis in Singapore. In Indonesia there is not a special laboratory for this FT.

When the full results of the fingerprint record is given to the patient, the team psychologist ready to explain its meaning. For information, describe the vision of the little finger. Ring finger symbolizes the hearing. Middle finger touch by touch, balance, movement and coordination of the hands and feet. Index finger as a process of information (left hand for the logic, the right hand to mind). Thumb to think and make decisions.


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