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How to remove eye bags & Smile Line

Swelling under the eyes or eye bags are often referred to very disturbing appearance. Unfortunately, scientific eye bags can not be eliminated.

But eye puffiness can be reduced swelling effect. As quoted by Guardian, here are some ways to remove eye bags.

Yo-Tox is a technique 'facelift' without surgery developed in Manhattan. According to experts, yoga, Yo-Tox can be done by sitting cross-legged and put both your first finger on both sides of the nose, under eye puffiness. Give light pressure between 50-10 seconds. This will stimulate blood flow to the eye area, so the eye puffiness can be reduced.

Eye puffiness can be caused by lack of sleep. Although there is no related research between naps and lower eyelids, but psychological research shows that we are going to feel bad when lack of sleep. Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre has claimed that napping for 15 minutes, enough to fool the brain into the mind as if we've slept enough.

Cooling eye gel
Jane Griffin, a specialist in London said face, cooling eye gel can help reduce the blood vessels so as to reduce the swelling under the eyes.

Therapy PotatoPotatoes contain catecholase which is often used as a cosmetic content to brighten skin and reduce eye puffiness. Take two pieces of potatoes, then cover the eye with potatoes, let stand for 20 minutes and let the eye rest.

Therapy with Cucumber
Pretty thin slices of cucumber, and close your eyes using a cucumber for 15-30 minutes.
Perform such activities during the day while you rest.

In addition to the above drugs for eye bags, you also need to maintain adequate sleep patterns. If necessary, try to nap.

Hopefully this article on how to cope with this eye bags can be useful. For those of you who want to have a clean and beautiful eyes


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