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6 Benefits of Coffee for Health

Coffee turned out to have other, more healthful benefits, ranging from preventing cancer, and even coffee can also repel odor.

6 Benefits of Coffee for Health

Here are six other benefits from coffee that have been quoted from Health.com, Tuesday (03/07/2012).

1. Absorb odors
Coffee grounds have a remarkable ability to absorb and neutralize the dirty air that smells. Tips if you buy durian fruit from distant places try to sprinkle coffee grounds on the durian fruit smell that smell is no smell of the fruit during the trip.

2. Brain food
Not just keep the eye that was not sleepy, caffeine in coffee can also keep the brain functioning is maintained. Many people have confessed coffee addict difficult especially if the daily concentration alone does not drink coffee.

Effects of caffeine can indeed affect brain function. According to a study at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences, regular coffee consumption in reasonable doses can even prevent excess cholesterol and dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease.

3. Stress reliever
One of the effects of caffeine in coffee is stimulate the heart, so that people become anxious and heart palpitations. But on the other hand, the smell of coffee is enough to give a relaxing effect, so that it can to relieve stress.

A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that one of the smells that have the effect of the smell of the grill reklaksasi coffee beans.

4. Softens the skin
Besides drinking, coffee can also be utilized in other ways such as is done at The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. In this place, the coffee used for scrubs and the effect is to soften and refreshes the skin.

Might want to try, the recipe is a cup of coffee grounds, 1/2 cup sugar to remove dead skin cells and 1/2 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Mix the ingredients and rub in a circular motion and let dry before cleaning.

5. Stamina
Effect of caffeine is stimulate the heart, increasing blood supply to the muscle increases so does not quickly run out of steam. Because of these effects, caffeine is widely used in beverages stamina.

Because it is more natural, coffee can be an alternative that is not a lot of energy drinks mixed with artificial chemicals that are sometimes more useful dariapda risk.

6. Cancer prevention
Phytochemical content of different compounds in coffee beans that are a lot of antioxidants and can fight cancer-causing free radicals. Therefore, according to research, coffee fans have a lower risk for developing various types of cancer.

A study at Harvard University for example, to prove that drinking coffee regularly may reduce the risk of endometrial cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.


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