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This phase of Aging in Men

Most of us continue to follow the aging process through a mirror. Here's what can and can not be seen by men as he watched his face and body for many years.

Two decades. At this age, a man began to show early signs of aging, though still vague, such as thinning hair, muscle weakness, and easy fatigue when exercising. However, this is not the time to hang up the sneakers because the rate of burning calories in the body began to slow. It is important for him to give attention to diet and exercise.

Thirties. The lines and wrinkles begin to appear around the delicate eye and mouth when the skin begins to lose elasticity. Hearing begins to decline, especially if he likes to listen to music at full volume through the speaker or earphones. Controlling cholesterol is important because the levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein, a type of harmful cholesterol) continues to climb, so does the hairline on the forehead. Meanwhile, HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein), which both began to decrease. After a some-35 years of age, gray hairs begin to appear, especially on the forehead, and abdomen began to swell.

Forties. At this age, aging more and expand his power. Baldness is more real (at least in men who tend to be bald). Wrinkles, wrinkles appear on the edge of the eyelid, also at the edges, and other lines start to appear. Plus he might need glasses or a dual focus when the lens starts to become stiff. However, now can concentrate on things other than sex-libido began to decrease due to decreased testosterone levels begin.

Fifties. There is some good news: after decades of increase, eventually stops increasing cholesterol levels. The bad news: decreased immunity, making it easier to fall ill and become infected. The gums begin to change significantly, and the early signs of prostate problems began to emerge, such as weakness or breakdown of the flow of urine. Fat under the jaw and chin and looks like a terraced maki.

Sixties. His weight began to drop due to reduced muscle mass. As a result the skin becomes loose and sag, especially around the arms and shoulders; the bags under the eyes also become clear. Narrow shoulders and hair color to fade. Fortunately, mentally he was still the same as 30 years ago; the ability to solve the problem is still good.

Seventies. Her skin becomes more coarse and uneven color change, usually in the form of patches here and there. The nose becomes more pointed nose and wider, thicker ear lobe. Sleep is reduced, which means it becomes easier due to improvements in body pain usually lasts for one to sleep soundly. His memory is also reduced. (Age Eraser For Men)


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