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Simply Sleep, To Be Healthy Living Being

Simply Sleep, To Be Healthy Living Being Everyone feels good shape and full of energy when I wake up. For that, people look for ways to continue to function optimally at all times just like in the morning. Start off man's search for stimulant substances, ranging from coffee, cocaine, vitamin to various materials which are expected to give a sense of fresh and fit.

Unfortunately, until now have not found a substance that can provide the perfect fitness. All the while only giving freshness, without restoring the ability of the brain especially body fitness. However, due to the extent of becoming known stimulant, sleep health slowly began to be ignored and reached its peak when the discovery of the light bulb.

Human activities that depend on light and dark cycle beginning to shift. Without realizing it, sleep disorders also appear. The concept of health, which previously only the balance of nutrition and exercise also helped change with the emergence of health problems due to sleep disorders. Discomfort, slowness of thought and fall of the immune system becomes the main health complaints of sleep disorders.

But that's not all, modern medicine is now recognizing sleepiness as a risk of serious health and safety. Clear manifestation of dangerous drowsiness while driving. But safety is also endangered when motorists are not alert and sluggish when responding to emergency events. Both of these proved to be caused by sleep deprivation.

A variety of serious illnesses is now well recognized due to sleep disorders. Call it hypertension, diabetes, heart disease to stroke all affected even caused by sleep disorders. Insomnia and sleep disorders are not alone! There's about 80 sleep disorders in the International Classification of Sleep Disorder. The most dangerous excessive sleepiness even though the duration of sleep is enough. This condition is known as hypersomnia.

Triumvirate of Health

Mr. William Dement sleeping medicine asking the Triumvirate of Health or the health of three main components, namely the balance of nutrition, exercise and healthy sleep. Attention to exercise and nutrition are less clear. One of the most common misconceptions is a sport in the evening. Because of busy, people with high health consciousness choosing to exercise at night, even though not in accordance with the human biological clock. As a result, hours of sleep is sacrificed. Not to mention the effect of adrenaline that increases as if the body, in turn, will complicate the process of sleep.

Instead of getting better, even the body vulnerable to infection, increased blood sugar levels, blood pressure rises and even weight creeping up. Yes, the lack of sleep actually interfere with the metabolism of up to someone so 'easy' fat. As well as attention to health and child development. Useless if the parents only pay attention to nutrition and vitamins if you do not pay attention to sleep health. You know what? Her immune system work optimally only during sleep!

Healthy Sleep
Healthy sleep is not that complicated. Parameters are also easily assessed in everyday life. When we wake up in good shape and not sleepy during the day, meaning we had to sleep with the sound. Good sleep habits will ensure a comfortable sleep. Get used to sleep at a time when the same time. Thus you have to set the biological clock for the rest. Once used, sleep will come naturally at these hours.

In contrast, irregular sleep hours will disrupt your sleep patterns. Sleep without preparation would rob sleep. Ready for sleep is not just sleepy. Ready for sleep is drowsy and relaxed. Though many people who for the sake of productivity, would like to continue working until drowsiness unbearable. As a result, they feel tired without being able to close his eyes.

Half an hour or fifteen minutes before bed, remove all the work and activities that are too busy eyes and mind. Television is included. Then do a fun and relaxing activity. Just read or do skin care. After feeling quite relaxed and sleepy, then climbed into bed. If drowsiness continues to attack even though they had enough sleep, this requires more serious handling. Moreover, if found to snoring, hypertension or diabetes.

Sleep in a sleep laboratory examination should be performed, as indicated by the stopping breathing during sleep that is harmful to heart health and blood vessels. This condition can strike people who look as subdued look healthy. You can easily find examples on the internet how healthy people, even top athletes can suffer from heart disease caused by snoring.

Healthy lifestyle

Real concern every day to find young people actively nan productive but had to drag myself out of bed in the morning. The eyes are tired, weak concentration, a characteristic. Although at certain hours they looked fresh, but if you just pay attention to sleep hygiene, would be far more productive again. Also one's health status.

William Dement stated that it is easier to assess the health status of a person's sleep patterns are observed compared to the routine of diet or exercise regime. Chronic diseases are also now a growing number of sufferers in Indonesia. No other cause of an unhealthy lifestyle, especially due to neglect sleep. So, let us further consider the quality of sleep hygiene for a better Indonesia.


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