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Salmon, Super Foods For Pregnant Women

Salmon consumption was found to increase the health of pregnant women and fetus. The findings of the scientists from the University of Granda showed that consumption of two servings of salmon a week to promote the health of pregnant women and infants as a whole.

Scientists found that increasing levels of intake of salmon omega-3 fatty acids and increase the antioxidant defenses in pregnant women and infants. Consumption of salmon is also known to not change the level of oxidative stress, inflammatory response and homeostasis (resistance) vascular.

In the study, researchers used a random sample of pregnant women are low levels of fish consumption. Samples were divided into two groups. The first group, the diet of pregnant women to apply as they do. While the second group, pregnant women were given the consumption of two servings of salmon from 20 weeks gestation until the specified time limit.

Salmon used in this study have been preserved and given a special diet so that salmon have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids of high and low contamination.

Blood and urine samples

Furthermore researchers took blood and urine samples from the two groups. Participants were also asked to fill out questionnaires about what they eat at weeks 20 and 34 of gestation, which will provide information about food intake during the previous 12 weeks.

Furthermore, blood and urine samples of participants drawn back into the 38th week of gestation. The result showed that the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids increased in pregnant women given intake of two servings of salmon each minggnya.

Similar results were also seen in newborns. Two servings of salmon each week to help mothers and their children reach the intake of omega-3 fatty acids in accordance with the recommendation.

The experts also found, and lipid oxidation biomarkers for oxidative damage to DNA is not affected by intake of salmon. Thus, researchers concluded that eating two servings of salmon a week during pregnancy does not increase oxidative stress.

Source : EurekAlert


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