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Taurine in Poultry Meat can nourish the heart

Good news coming for you lovers of poultry meat. Researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center found the essential nutrients in meat, dark poultry provides protection against coronary heart disease (CHD), particularly in women with high cholesterol.

The study was published online in the European Journal of Nutrition. The scientists evaluated the effects of taurine. This is one of the natural nutrients and are usually found in dark meats such as turkey and chicken, as well as in other foods such as some types of fish and shellfish.

The findings indicate that a high intake of taurine are associated with lower risk of suffering from CHD, especially in women with high total cholesterol levels. But the same relationship is not seen in women with low cholesterol levels.

"There is little information available about taurine," said lead researcher Yu Chen, PhD, MPH, professor of epidemiology at the NYU School of Medicine.

Yu Chen said, although there are several animal studies showing the benefits of taurine for heart disease, but he claims this finding as the first prospective study published to see the effect of serum taurine against CHD in humans.

"These findings are very interesting. Taurine is a naturally occurring seems to have a significant protective effect in women with high cholesterol," he said.

Coronary heart disease is a major killer in men and women, nearly one in five deaths caused by CHD. The disease is caused by the buildup of plaque in heart arteries. Many epidemiological studies provide evidence that dietary intake as a major factor in the prevention of CHD.

In his research, Dr. Chen and his team used data and samples from the NYU Women Health Study. Research involving more than 14,000 women (34-65 years), between the years 1985-1991 in a breast cancer screening center in New York City. Study participants who registered and recorded by the researcher to do related medical and lifestyle information.

Research funded by the American Heart Association (AHA). The researchers measured levels of taurine in serum samples collected in 1985 - before the onset of heart disease - for the 223 participants who developed or died of CHD during the study follow-up period between the years 1986-2006. The researchers then compared the levels of taurine in the blood of participants who developed CHD with serum samples of taurine on the 223 participants with no history of heart disease.

The analysis revealed that serum taurine does not provide protection to the overall development of CHD. However, among women with high cholesterol, those with high levels of serum taurine 60 percent lower risk of heart disease or died of CHD, than women with lower levels of taurine.

"It's quite interesting. If these findings can be accepted, one day we may be able to suggest someone with high cholesterol to eat more meat, poultry, particularly the dark meat," the researchers said.

Dr Chen explained that women volunteers are involved in the research of nearly 80 percent of the Caucasian race. Therefore, the findings may not provide the same benefits to men or other races. But Chen said that the future research needs to be done to analyze the effect of poultry against men or other races.

Chen also added, not yet known whether taurine content contained in food products and beverages have the same effect. "We just learned that taurine comes from natural sources. Product added to foods or beverages that taurine may have a higher content, as well as other ingredients like caffeine and ginseng, which can lead to coronary heart disease risk," he concluded.


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