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Sugar in the Morning breakfast is important to Improve Concentration

Sugary foods like donuts are not a super healthy food, but can give the brain the nutrients it needs to start the day effectively. If you have trouble concentrating or remembering things in the morning, often cause adelah because the brain is deprived of sugar is needed in order to function optimally.

"Sugar is used as an energy source the brain. One reason is because the sugar producing important chemical acetylcholine. This chemical is essential to improve memory, enhance the ability to pay attention and keep the mood," said Dr. Gary L. Wenk, Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, Immunology and Medical Genetics at Ohio State University Medical Center and author of "Your Brain on Food '.

Brain to produce acetylcholine from components derived from the metabolism of sugar called choline. Choline derived from lecithin-containing foods. Lecithin is found in many baked goods such as donuts, cupcakes and chocolate. So, eating chocolate-covered donuts in the morning will give the brain the nutrients it needs to pay attention and learn new things.

"Billions and billions of nerve cells in the brain requires a constant supply of sugar to maintain the ability to produce energy and communicate with other nerve cells. Nerve cells can only tolerate a lack of sugar for several minutes before he died," said Prof Wenk as reported by Lifehacker.com, Thursday (08/03/2012).

Because the sugar content decreased with the passage of time since last meal, the body begins to eat something sweet. As the day wore on, the nerve cells use acetylcholine busy and changing sugar to think and learn. As a result, concentration and alertness also started emnurun.

Towards evening, the low blood sugar levels again causes a decrease in the ability to pay attention and mental slowing. Energy metabolism that are deployed for thinking and learning throughout the day increases the strong chemicals that can kill nerve cells called adenosine. To resolve this, drink coffee.

Adenosine inhibits the function of acetylcholine and causes the body to become less vigilant. Caffeine in coffee can stem the influence of adenosine and release of acetylcholine which has hampered its function. After drinking coffee, attention spans will increase and the body will be ready to do anything until the effects of caffeine runs out.

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