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Slim Secrets of The Superstar

Women and fat, like a battle that never ending. Similarly, the artists who work in Hollywood are always under public scrutiny. No wonder they do everything to be able to maintain the size of the body, even if possible, reduce the ideal weight as much as possible to make it look slimmer. Call it Katie Holmes, Katherine Heigl, and even Lily Allen. The stars are young and beautiful has its own recipe to lose their weight.

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Rikki Lake

Women who had triumphed as one of the controversial talk show host, Rikki Lake Show, this had increased to a very high weight. By comparison, he had had to use clothing size 24. Now he could use clothes with a size 6. Tips, he uses a specialized catering food diet. It is also a diet trick that was also evidenced by Nick Carter, a member of Backstreet Boys singer. A fun, catering-catering such a diet is working with a nutritionist, so they can know what foods are allowed and not for us. Including what diet is best for your body type. In Jakarta, you can try diets like Slim Gourmet catering.

Katherine Heigl
Never felt pe-de after seeing yourself in photos? Not only do you have an experience like this. Actress Katherine Heigl classmates had never experienced anything like it. He felt he was too fat. He was determined to bring down his weight by contacting a personal trainer to help her motivated. He also created a training program run and focus on a special diet of fish and vegetables.

Katie Holmes
Ny. Cruise has never looked overweight. However, after giving birth to her daughter, Suri, Katie was not happy with her body shape. He braced himself for the exercise. His chosen sport, jogging! Eventually, he felt pleasure to work with the run. Katie even participate marathon in New York, in 2007.

Carrie Underwood
Singer graduated from American Idol is shrinking the size of his body in a way to reduce fat intake. He chose a vegetarian for a long time. He lowered his size is ideal with cardio training, and do not forget to write down the foods that he create every day.

Lily Allen
Down four sizes is not easy. But the British singer's managed to do it. The secret? He enlisted the help of hypnosis to make it feel just like eating healthy foods only, and are motivated to go to the gym regularly.

How about you, inspired by the efforts of the artist is to get the ideal body weight?

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