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How To Deal With Hair Loss Naturally With the Right

How to overcome hair loss naturally now the most widely hunted. Because in addition to safe without excessive side effects, as well as cost effective. And most importantly must first understand the type of hair and scalp types us. Then we can determine what type of hair loss treatment in accordance with the state of our hair and scalp.

How To Deal With Hair Loss Naturally With the Right

Symptoms of hair damage, including hair fall out easily, dry, dull and elastic. So that the damage was not more severe need extra handling. And treatment of hair loss is not enough to use only shampoo. Because most shampoos on the market that emphasizes more cosmetic aspects. As a result, the hair is smooth and soft, but the 2 in 1 shampoo which is usually mixed with conditioner is causing ingredients cover the scalp.

If the option to overcome hair loss naturally we choose, you should consider the materials around us, which can be used to care for our hair:

1. Yoghurt. Yoghurt can also prevent hair loss. Use yogurt regularly will also prevent rapid hair graying. The trick, use yogurt as a hair mask regularly every two weeks. And the result, the hair will be glowing.

2. Tea. Green tea (green tea) contains beneficial antioxidants to protect hair from pollution exposure. Jasmine tea is beneficial in improving hair luster. This mint tea to soothe the scalp and eliminate fat and dandruff and relieving itching on the scalp. The way is to brew tea with hot water, then endapkan overnight. The water is stale tea, rub-rub into the scalp. Do it just before shampooing.

3. Avocado. For dry hair. Because the avocado is rich in fatty acids and nutrients. The trick, smash the avocado in a bowl, and stir until it becomes a thick paste. Then, wipe the hair from roots to ends of hair. Then leave it for 20 minutes. After that, wash your hair using shampoo, then rinse.

4. Pecan. Pecan can repair and strengthen hair. Oil content in hazelnut, very good for the hair roots. The trick, coarse crushed pecans, and roasted. After that, mash until smooth through out the oil. Use hazelnut oil to cream bath, do it before shampooing, then rinse with fresh water use shampoo to wash it.

5. Shallots. Efficacy for preventing hair loss. How, simply by eating red onions. Or eat the finished onion pickles. It helps that hair loss is not fast. Sometimes we do not eat onion due to strong smells, this can be avoided by smearing the scalp with onion juice in the evening. Later in the morning, rinse your hair with a shampoo.

6. Apple vinegar. The content of alpha-acids hidroxy able to help clean up residue from pollution and dirt. So the hair becomes soft and shiny. Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water. Use this mixture to rinse the hair during shampooing.

7. Eggs. Eggs are used as a hair conditioner. A high protein content mambantu adds luster hair. But the stench of eggs sometimes make a lot of people are reluctant to use it. There are ways to eliminate the fishy odor in eggs, using droplets of lemon juice into the egg is beaten. Then applied to the hair as a mask.

8. Coconut Oil. The content of antioxidants able to soften the hair dry and damaged cuticles so hair becomes shiny. The trick, three tablespoons of warm coconut oil on the hair with a soft brush from roots to ends of hair.  Then wrap your hair using a hot towel for 30 minutes. Then wash hair with shampoo and rinse with clean water.

So many properties of natural materials around us, which ldbih safe without excessive side effects, and most importantly we can save money shopping. Just choose which one best suits your hair and scalp condition us. How to overcome hair loss naturally, it should be our choice. Good luck hopefully useful.


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