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Kiwi, The Small Intestine Friend

Kiwi fruit had been known as one type of fruit is high in nutrients and vitamin C. But more than that, save the kiwi was also a hidden benefit that is needed by the human body.

Behind the brown furry skin and green flesh fruits, kiwi turned out to contain a digestive enzyme that can help the absorption of protein. Enzyme called actinidin. It is a protease enzyme (protein destruction) which is in the green kiwi fruit, serve to digest protein so readily absorbed.

As is known, in the digestive process that occurs from the mouth to the small intestine, the body needs a variety of digestive enzymes, namely protease (to digest protein), lipase (digests fat), and amylase (digests carbohydrates). A healthy digestive tract will prevent the entry of bacteria and toxins as well as keep the immune system. To keep the digestive tract stay healthy, your body needs nutritious foods such as fruit.

"Fruits contain fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that aid digestion and absorption role. One fruit, kiwi green that is, containing vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, prebiotic fiber and enzymes actinidin," says nutrition expert from the Department of Nutrition School of Medicine, University of Indonesia, dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, Sp.GK, Tuesday (05/08/2012), in Jakarta.

Another advantage is the kiwi fruit contains vitamin C two times higher than oranges and proved 5 times more effectively absorbed by the body. Kiwi fruit is also rich in folic acid is beneficial for women who want to get pregnant, also has a low glycemic index so it is safe for diabetics.

Aids the digestive process

Fiastuti explained, the fiber content in green kiwi fruit is very high compared to other fruits such as bananas, apples and oranges. Fiber in kiwi fruit is divided into two types of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber plays a role in helping to keep blood sugar levels remain stable, with the help of sugar absorption is slower, thus causing an increase in blood sugar levels are not excessive and did not fall dramatically.

"Soluble fiber also helps stabilize the kiwi blood fat levels, by binding to fat and helps maintain blood lipid levels," he said.

Meanwhile, insoluble fiber helps maintain intestinal health by preventing constipation and feeding the good bacteria. Because, according to Fiastuti, intestinal tract not only function but also serves to keep the bad bacteria and prevent the introduction into the body, preventing the entry of toxins and keep the immune system.

So, if all these people think it only serves to intestinal absorption, that's wrong. If the colon is unhealthy, then the bacteria will easily fit into the intestinal cells, causing pain in the body.

"If we eat less insoluble fiber, bowel movements become difficult. As a result, toxins, dirt and bacteria in the gut will be longer. The longer he is in contact with the intestinal wall will damage the intestinal cells," explains Fiastuti.

Unique enzyme

Kiwi fruit has long been believed to help digestion in the stomach, in addition to fiber (fiber) is high, kiwi fruit contains a unique enzyme, which is a function actinidin protein digest so it is more easily absorbed by the body.

This was confirmed by two research laboratories, and one study with experiments on animals performed by Riddet Institute, Massey University and Zespri International. Research using Zespri green kiwifruit extract as the source of the enzyme actinidin. This study uses a method of laboratory studies to see digestion in the stomach and intestines.

In his study, researchers used a variety of food sources of protein such as beef, milk protein (whey protein), soy milk, wheat protein (gluten) protein of maize, collagen and gelatin. Then it tried to digest foods with simulated gastric and intestinal digestion supplemented with actinidin, which comes from the extract of kiwi fruit.

The results showed that, actinidin and fiber content in kiwi may help better protein digestion, helps maintain blood sugar and blood fats and Formatting maintain intestinal health.

"Protein is absorbed well will provide benefits as builder substances, replacing damaged cells and keep the body working properly metebolisme," .

Source : Kompas.com


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