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Skin Care Tips For Working Women

Working women seldom find out time to care for themselves. In such busy schedules, it becomes very difficult to look after their skin. This is why, early ageing, tanning and dark spots are common skin problems of working women. If you are a working lady and do not have much time to care for your skin, try these easy beauty tips that can be easily followed even in busy schedules.

Sunscreens: Many working women have to work outdoors and protecting their skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is very important. If you think that sunscreens are only for sportspersons and people who are always out in the sun, then think again. Sunscreens form a protective layer on the skin that prevents ageing and tanning. Always apply a sunscreen on your face and arms (all exposed skin) 30 minutes before stepping out in the bright sun.

Moisturise skin: Working women would not have to spend much time on following this and it is one easy tip to care for your skin. Moisturise your skin regularly to keep it soft and shiny. To get rid of dry, freckled and wrinkled skin, always use a moisturiser. After a shower, apply a cream or moisturizer that leaves the skin soft, nourished and shiny. If you apply makeup, coat the skin with moisturizer before applying makeup to retain the moisture in the skin.

Cleanse: Always indulge in cleansing your skin. Even after a hectic day, working women should always follow this tip to care for their skin. Cleansing takes out all the dead skin cells, rejuvenates skin and opens clogged pores. Many women believe that washing their face with a face wash or soapy solution 4-5 times a day cleanses the skin. Well, washing the face with face wash only cleans the dirt and pollutants that stick to the skin. Moreover, excessive usage of face wash can damage the sensitive skin cells and tissues. This can cause cracks, lines on the skin and also make it rough. Face washes take away all the moisture from the skin. Limit the use of face wash and go for cleansing solutions like cleansing milk. Deep cleansing is required to have a clear and flawless skin.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Water protects the skin and hair. Working women often have an unhealthy lifestyle and this affects their skin and hair. To maintain a glowing and nourished skin and hair, this is an effective beauty tip for working women. Have lots of water as it helps flush out toxins from the body.

Diet: Take out some time for your health. Working women should know that they can only work if they have the energy inside their body. Unhealthy diet can never keep them healthy and active. Include fresh green vegetables and fruits to stay fit and have a glowing skin.

Are you a working woman? How do you care for your skin?

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